Phone: 949-885-3614

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Irvine, California
Its exchange 885 is managed by MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS, I
The number is currently on switch number IRVECAEIDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 30% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 13 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Internet Local Listings, Internet Local Listings"
15, Aug. 2012

Why did this number call me. :( getting tired of numbers calling that I do not want. This is not why I pay for a telephone.

17, Sep. 2012

Hang up, Sept 17, 2012 @ 1149am EST

6, Dec. 2012

Google SPAM. Auto dialer. Pressed 1 and the person asked for my phone number. Told them I would report them. Guy hung up. Called number back. Was fax tone.

8, Jan. 2013

recorded telemarketing - losers

17, Jan. 2013

jerks at this number have no lives

19, Jan. 2013

Hi This is Sharon, your local Google listing specialist... That is what I got from this number. Of course from Irvine- spam call center of the US.

29, Jan. 2013

If the call was actually from Google, caller id would show it as Google. This is someone using the name Google to get your attention

13, Feb. 2013

the number on caller id is19498853614 Why the 1 in front? Is this number spoofed. When I did a @69 I got a FAX MACHINE. WTF?

22, Feb. 2013

trying to sell me BJ's or else smuggling, can't tell. heavy accent. reporting them to FBI. maybe terrorists.

8, Apr. 2013

called at 6:30 CDT on 4-8-13. No option to cancel robocall

12, Sep. 2013

I used to work for Google -- I can assure you, these calls are NOT coming from Google. It is a telemarketer posing as a Google sales representative in order to appear legit. That being said, I receive these calls one to three times a day at my current job at a small business. They call from several different numbers, including this one, so it is basically impossible to screen their calls. Very irritating.

Sharon Your Local Goggle Specialist
10, Apr. 2014

I confirmed with one of the operators that I spoke to for the "Sharon, your local google specialist" robocalls that this is the company they are representing. Feel free to call them back at their real number. Internet Local Listings 1600 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92706 Telephone: (888) 770-3950 Fax: (714) 242-9910 Want to reach all of your potential customers? Email us at Need to ask us questions or find out more about your existing account? Email us at Have updated billing information or questions about current billing? Email us at Interested in a website of your own or need to make changes on yours? Email us at

Take Action
10, Sep. 2014

The people behind this harassment are Sam Riemer Founder, CEO Internet Local Listings Blake Bogle ISO Affiliate Manager @ Douglas Powell Co-founder & C.F.O at Internet Local Listings Call them at (888) 770-3950 and tell them to stop harassing you.

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