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11, May. 2018

Credit card scam call from Pakistan, India, etc.

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7, May. 2018

This is just one of many.

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19, Feb. 2018

They have called a few times in the past.

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2, Feb. 2018

They call every day annoying

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30, Nov. 2017

I getting really goddamned tired of the do-nothing policy of the government when it comes to stopping repeated abuse of the DNC Registry.

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30, Oct. 2017

Some sort of charity/donation call.

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8, Nov. 2016

the message was in Spanish, I don't do any of my business in Spanish

Tammie Anderson
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20, Jan. 2016

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13, Oct. 2014

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3, Jul. 2013

I was just called by the number but I didn't answer since I didn't recognize it. I suppose I'm on their list but they won't leave a message. No Biggie

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31, Mar. 2013

voice recorded message stating to press 1 to speak to live operator, press 3 to be listed for no future calls.

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20, Mar. 2013

two days ago i had them call me, threatened me with court. I fell for it and paid $1250 in prepaid cards. (yes im an idiot) Yesterday, another call, same thing, but i didnt pay. Today, they called saying they are with the san bernadino sherrifs dept. and that she was having the police come and arrest me in half an hour. The more I hounded her in talking the more flustered she got. She at one point said i will have to call my client (the police dept. wouldnt have a client). I told this lady that I want her badge number and that I have friends in the LA County Sherrifs dept and I wanted them to check her out. She gave me the 949-331-9115 number and said tell them to call me and hung up...not giving me a badge number. I called the number back, and a guy answered with a very thick indian accent (the lady also had an indian accent) and asked him his name. he said Keith Nelson and that he works for a law firm. I said there was a lady just called me from this number, the sherrifs dept. He said hold on ill put you through please hold. I hung up. I received several calls after that

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9, Mar. 2013

When you call back the number, you just get a dial tone or busy signal.