Area Code 947

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Area code: 947
State: Michigan
Country: USA
1, May. 2017

Asked for Sam I said : "Sam not at this number" Then the male voice said he was Technical Service and there is a problem with my cell phone and my email and browser.......... I told him "Wrong number" sounded as if he was receiving instructions in background.. He started on rant that he represented my I S P and my computer would freeze and I will loose all my e mail again I said : "Wrong Number" Then I hung up

12, Apr. 2017

Today they called several times and left long messages on my answering machine with prerecorded messages.

6, Mar. 2017

After read all of the comments here, I guess this caller is spamming everybody, got the calls from this number as well with no message left. I think I have to block this number from now on...

23, Jan. 2017

They do not use the legal heading on their communications - they hide their ID and won't stop calling.

7, Dec. 2016

Call was a recording stating, "Congratulations. You have won a free cruise to the Bahamas." I hung up at that point.

8, Sep. 2016

Caller ID shows "COLORADO". Same bunch of creeps that call over and over wanting to lower my credit card rates.

7, Jul. 2016

I asked the person on the phone that it was New Years Day, I was on a pay as you go phone, on the do not call list, and to take my name off their calling list.

6, Jul. 2016

I looked this number up on and there were several comments of the same thing happening to them.

3, Jul. 2016

When I tryed to call to speak with someone to stop the calls, I got a recording saying it was a bad number.

3, Jul. 2016

have had several calls.

29, Jun. 2016

The other numbers that have called are 6788567917 & 6788565639.

29, Jun. 2016

This company has been calling me from different phone #'s for at least the last 4 years.sometimes 3 times a day 7 days a week

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