Area Code 947

Additional information:

Area code: 947
State: Michigan
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2018

Have no idea who is calling.

23, Jul. 2018

Please contact me at my home at (b)(6) and tell me why this number which I have reported multiple times has not been instructed to stop calling my home.

9, Jul. 2018

RLYBARGER UPDATE:03/29/2016 Consumer had a phone# to provide.

anon anon
5, Jul. 2018

this number managed to bypass 'nomorobo' and 'do not call'. I heard breathing so I answered with by saying "police dept. you are being recorded; how may I help you?" I hope it worked!

17, Jun. 2018

Man with heavy arabic accent called on a Sunday morning, stating that I owed him money. I told him he was a scammer and that I was tracing his call and recording. He started yelling and I hung up.

15, Jun. 2018

I get a call everyday around the same time but never answer. I looked up the number to find out that it is a scam. I refuse to answer unknown calls

22, May. 2018

Recorded message asked if I had a drug or alcohol problem, and to press 1 to speak to a representative.

3, May. 2018

This company just ignores my request to STOP calling me.

26, Mar. 2018

They want me to pay more money to identify or block calls.

8, Mar. 2018

Since the average citizen does not have the means to trace this calls, perhaps the FTC could post their finding so citizens could take legal action.

12, Feb. 2018

I never take the calls except once to tell them to remove my name from their call list.

9, Feb. 2018

Continually call even asking to be removed from their calling list.

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