Area Code 940

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Area code: 940
State: Texas
Country: USA
18, Jul. 2016

Others complain they want personal info They are a telemarketing firm.

13, Jul. 2016

Isn't this excessive even for politicians?

11, Jul. 2016

this number has called repeatedly and I may have tried to remove my name by pressing the indicated digit, but it has been a few months ago.

6, Jul. 2016

Joseph Gibson called stating he was from our mortgage company, knew ALL of our information, and that we would benefit from modifying our loan. Went through the process with him, went to Wal-Mart sent him money, ended up scamming us for $4800.00. He said if we didn't do in certain time frame that the mortgage would be in default and we would lose our home. The entire time we sent money to him our home went into foreclosure and was selling at an auction 5 days after we found all of this out. Luckily we caught in time and are in the proper process with WFM and will be keeping our home. I don't know how people like this sleep at night!? He is a complete loser!

1, Jul. 2016

Not sure if I ashed this party to stop calling as it has been going on for years. The message starts with "Hello this is Heather calling blah blah blah. I am soooooo sick of this !

28, Jun. 2016

When I complained about the repeated calls, the person on the line said that there were 5 walk-in bath tub companies in our area.

27, Jun. 2016

They are insulting and rude.

26, Jun. 2016

three thousand dollars in free grocery savings certificate

25, Jun. 2016

I have reported this company (Angie's List) numerous times.

24, Jun. 2016

Stop them at the source instead of after the violation.

24, Jun. 2016

Asked them to stop but they ignore.

23, Jun. 2016

I have asked to stop calling, and on the last call I asked for the callers name who first said it was Victoria then said it was Casandra.

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