Area Code 939

Additional information:

Area code: 939
State: Puerto Rico
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2017

I called the number back and they do not identify themselves or their service.

5, Nov. 2017

They have called me at 11:30 pm nearly in the middle of the night .

2, Nov. 2017

It should be against the law for this Card Services group to fake out the caller id.

28, Oct. 2017

The phone number is from a robo caller.

5, Oct. 2017

He said they check the rates of all the car insurance companies to get you the cheapest amount.

26, May. 2017

Once a female said she was calling for the Nationsl Service Agency and I told her not to call again.

9, May. 2017

At the other calls nobody answers when I say hello.

7, May. 2017

They wanted me to get on my computer they were with Windows and said that the Windows has a virus and they will lead me through the process to correct it.

10, Apr. 2017

Finally a person came on.

3, Apr. 2017

Tried to call but no answere to tell them to STOP

31, Mar. 2017

Usually the telemarketers hang up on me when I tell them that.

30, Mar. 2017

The call is recorded so have not been able to tell them not to call

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