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22, May. 2018

More frequent calls from the same recorded message regarding a credit card offer.

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22, May. 2018

They will be paid but through Data Systems.

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18, Feb. 2017

He called about Ellen's anti-wrinkle cream. He was too eager to get my credit card number. I told him I will call them back. He hung up on me. TOTAL SCAM SCAM SCAM

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12, Aug. 2016

Please block r if text and calling

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13, Feb. 2014

Won't stop calling after I've declined their solar power energy scam.

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6, Feb. 2014

Won't tell you their company name, won't tell you who they are, won't let you speak to anybody else and hang up when you tell them you are on the do not call list.

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30, Jul. 2012

These people call me and I do not owe anyone. I think that they be lock up and throw away the key!

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19, Jun. 2012

They call relentlessly, usually "unknown caller", so am not able to give a phone #. They do not give you a chance to opt out from their calls. I have probably received 50 calls. Help!! I'm so annoyed. Thank you.