Phone: 925-524-3993

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Clayton, California
Its exchange 524 is managed by PACIFIC BELL - CA
The number is currently on switch number CYTNCA11DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 19 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "925-524-3993, 925-635-3993"
14, May. 2012

Midwest Center for Anxiety. You must have called them off of their TV infomercial and their computer system is following up with you to see when you are home. They are a national program and the phone system is being routed from your local area. Their number is 800-213-7277. Their main headquarters are 23586 Calabasas Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302. This is their website:

1, Feb. 2013

They kept calling my cell phone. What I did was save them to my contacts as "block" and then went to the contact in my phone book, pressed the number until a menu came up, then selected block so it would go right to voicemail. If anyone knows who to contact to stop these calls please post it. I never contacted them yet they call every few days morning & night, it leaves no message just clicks or rings then hangs up like a robo call. Again if anyone knows who to contact to stop these calls please post it. Thanks

6, Feb. 2013

keeps calling and hanging up when i answer and im gettingtired of it...

11, Feb. 2013

I am sick of this number calling me. I tried the 800-213-7277, and it sounds like a p**n site to talk to people. Nothing about Midwest Center for Anxiety!

12, Feb. 2013

Tried that 800-213-7277 number also and got the same as Diane. Then i went to the website for midwest center for anxiety and called their number listed there. 866-771-9858. When they asked if I was calling about their product, I said no and told them I wanted them to stop calling. the guy told me I will be added to the do not call list which would be updated within 48 hours and not to answer any calls from their number and dont call it back since it will add me back on the calling list. we will see if it worked. but i did get to speak to a person immediately when i called their sales line at the number i listed above.

13, Feb. 2013

You can register your home or mobile phone for free at website below:

18, Feb. 2013

I have no clue how they got my number but talk about phone harassment. I have called & left a message & asked them to stop. The continually call me when I am at work. I am going to block this number.

Mary Coletta
28, Feb. 2013

Also tried 800-213-7277. This is a hot line for singles. Do not call this number it's prank apparently! Thank you to those who shared that the 925-524-3993 was linked to the Midwest Center for Anxiety. This is correct. I called 800-944-9460 and asked to be added to the DO NOT CALL LIST. I was told it would take 24 hours and in the meantime they told me not to answer any calls or I will be added to the call list automatically. Thank you for those who provided me with helpful precise information.

15, Mar. 2013

someone from this number is calling me 15-25 times a day all hours of the day and night. ive picked up several times and asked them to stop calling, requested they stop calling and then finally Demanded they stop calling. also told them i wanted to s/w a supvr, they hung up. ok. i Called this # 866-771-9858 and s/w Anastasia/supposedly a spvr in the do not call dept and she said the calls will stop within 24-48 hrs. we can only hope good luck to all including me :)

annoyed insomniac
8, Apr. 2013

If you're in Canada this is the number to call. It's their "customer service" number. Midwest Center "attacking anxiety and depression" More like causing it with stupid robo calls. I just called them. If you're in Canada that other number doesn't work . So use this one: 1-800-944-9460 And I'm no geography major, but since when is the "mid west" in California? And why the hell would I want any help from someone on the opposite side of the continent. ....oh yeah, and can anyone tell me wtf is the purpose of calling several times a day but never leaving a message or saying anything when you do answer? shitheads

18, Apr. 2013

call-800-524-9460. do what they do to us............ hell....

ben from MN
22, Apr. 2013

I was getting about a dozen calls per day I called 866-771-9858 last Friday (4/19) and told them to put me on their do not call list - calls stopped! No calls all weekend :-)

30, Sep. 2013

This company only hires people who like to suck d**k

8, Nov. 2013

I have been harassed by this company ever since I filled out the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes online and answered "yes" to whether I ever felt anxious....hmmmm...I never thought I had a real issue with anxiety, but 21+ calls a day might make a person feel a little anxious (and irritated), especially when there is NEVER A MESSAGE LEFT!

9, Nov. 2013

I have never answered any calls from this #, nor have I ever called it, but I have had at least 16 calls from this # just today least every half hour! That is harassment in my book.

12, Nov. 2013

this # is a telemarketer, i did a free online survey and it started calling my office line thereafter, calls constantly. it occurred because of the online survey i did that supposedly sends me coupons, however i havent received any yet.

24, Nov. 2013

This same company was calling non-stop for days, only it was a different number. Now these idiots are calling non-stop,! I wish I had their home number!

15, Jan. 2014

stop calling my freaking number

17, Jan. 2014

They called my husband's phone asking for me...he asked who is calling and they wouldn't say. He told them he wasn't passing the call along without knowing. They said he BETTER talk to me about that. He told them he didn't need to, his wife of 26 years would agree. lol. Another # to block with Mr. Number so it can hang up on them!

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