Area Code 920

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Area code: 920
State: Wisconsin
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

I had fraudulent charges made on the credit card in the past by these companies.

20, Mar. 2017

I then said I was not interested and hung up the phone.

17, Mar. 2017

I don't know this phone number too, I have no idea who owns this number, I know nobody who lives in Appleton either...

15, Mar. 2017

Calls me every day at the same time. I've never answered and they've never left a message. Shady

14, Mar. 2017

Rang twice then immediately hung up. No voicemail left.

Annoyed Office Manager
14, Mar. 2017

Recorded message regarding Google listing update - Google was about every third word in the recording. When you press one to "speak to a local Google representative" they answer "Hello y name is ___________ here to help you update your Google listing" I replied- Actually you'll assist me by removing this number from your solicitation list as I am well aware Google does not make calls due to them not caring if my listing I can correct for free is outdated. As I was hanging up, the female on the other end of the phone began saying "you're right this isn't Google".....false advertise much?

8, Mar. 2017

Eather shut off our got new phone, didn't have the balls to break up with me in oerson, will just lie out ignore you. Always runs back to Jessica. Can't be trusted.

2, Mar. 2017

I have never done business with DB.

2, Mar. 2017

It is an automated message "notifying" you that you "have been selected to win a cruise". I did not stay on the line to find out more details.

2, Mar. 2017

caller say hi my name is brook im calling on a recorded line can you hear me ok? dont say yes it was on the news they are trying to get permission to sell you something or charge your credit card or phone. in one of the many calls they said there from trip advisor and always the same line other wise from brook.

28, Feb. 2017

He has asked them to stop calling but has been ignored.

28, Feb. 2017

The call did not give a place to ask for them to take you off their call list.

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