Area Code 919

Additional information:

Area code: 919
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
22, Jul. 2018

I have no way of getting them to stop.

20, Jul. 2018

They told me that if they don't hear from me the only thing they could do is wish me good luck...

20, Jul. 2018

Are these calls coming from any Correctional Centers in NC? On this website I see people mention different correctional centers all over NC, so I assume it's the number that all of them use, correct? I blocked this 919 number because I have an ex who is serving 10+ years for breaking a restraining order on me like 17 times, they charged him with felony stalking over me too, He's nuts.. However, he's going to be in there a while. My son got into trouble and he got 90 days in prison, once my son gets in there I'll have to remove that block off that 919 number, right? cause my son might call from the 919 from any prison..

20, Jul. 2018

I didn’t answer the phone but I have had scammers call with these area code and exchange so I eventually block them.They don’t have sense enough to stop calling.

19, Jul. 2018

They didn't stop calling me, all they did was change the number from where they are calling.

19, Jul. 2018

4 times since I told them to stop the first time.

18, Jul. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

18, Jul. 2018

These calls start as early as 8am and stop at 10pm.

17, Jul. 2018

I googled this number and found many people have received calls from them - it seems that they intend to scam the callees.

16, Jul. 2018

This was an unsolicited marketing call of sorts.

16, Jul. 2018

The call was soliciting a change in electric utility carriers.

15, Jul. 2018


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