Area Code 919

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Area code: 919
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
25, Sep. 2018

The recorded message said only that my number would be put on a do not call list.

25, Sep. 2018

Phone survey caller asked whether I plan to be an early voter or wait for Election Day. Then asked what issues were important.

24, Sep. 2018

It is never a real person!

23, Sep. 2018

However much we tell my cousin sister that the cell phone is not for amusement she never listens. My aunt advised her many times not to get addicted to the mobile too much and it never really worked all this time. We hope at least now she has learnt a lesson not to play around with mobile phones. These younger folks simply do not understand that anything and everything cannot be taken as a toy. Looks like there are number of jobless jerks around the world.

19, Sep. 2018

Please inforce the laws as to not call me

19, Sep. 2018

Robocall to tell me this was my last chance to lower the interest rates on my credit cards.

18, Sep. 2018

Not Sure Because The Caller Hung Up When I Picked Up and when I call back the line hangs up again.

17, Sep. 2018

Pvaldovinos UPDATE:01/06/2014 Consumer is calling back to provide us that they are still calling her.(b)(6)

16, Sep. 2018

This agency rep called our company asking for a woman who no longer works here. The bill collector kept yelling at me. If the company calls again, I'm going to report the caller to the Federal Trade Commission. The thing they're doing is just illegal.

14, Sep. 2018

They call repeatedly, almost every hour.

14, Sep. 2018

Sometimes its am call sometimes its a pm call.

13, Sep. 2018

This number needs to be disconnected.

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