Area Code 919

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Area code: 919
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
27, Jun. 2017

Just for curiosity sakes I called the number from my government office phone, and asked who they were. The respondent said that it is SFM Technologies. I apologized for dialing the wrong number. If they call back to the government phone number, they'll be told that it's a government agency, and that harassing or telemarketing calls to government offices is illegal and will be turned over to the Attorney General's office.

23, Jun. 2017

Calls several times a day, never leave a message.

Ashley Wiedemann
22, Jun. 2017

Acer Business Solutions Tech Support scam.

Tired of Spam Callers
19, Jun. 2017

919-304-1063 caller ID reads "Liberty Tax Ser". Tired of being spoofed from local numbers, I asked the person surrounded by obvious call-center noises if they supported small businesses. He was unable to vary from his script and kept repeating that he was from Liberty Tax Service. He then asked me multiple times if I was married or single, and became rude and hung up on me when I told him he was being wholly inappropriate. Calling the number back led me to an answering machine with a female voice stating that this was Liberty Tax Service, a local location, with odd business hours of 2 days a week. Sounds indubitably scammy to me.

8, Jun. 2017

Only know 1 person in this state. Not them. No msg. On DNC list, so, like all the other calls from all over, I'll bet it's a scammer. DON'T EVER WAIT FOR THE END TO PUSH A NO MORE CALLS BUTTON! SCAMMERS DON'T CARE, AND ITS USUALLY A MEANS TO FURTHER RIP YOU OFF!

5, Jun. 2017

Student Loan Debt Reduction recorded message.

1, Jun. 2017

When I insisted they tell me why I was receiving a call in the first place, they hung up on me.

31, May. 2017

I have continued to ask and/or demand that they stop calling me.

31, May. 2017

Usually it's a recorded message when I do or someone who tells me there is nothing they can do to put a stop to the calling.

31, May. 2017

Don't wish to get calls from the phone number

29, May. 2017

I recognize this number from before.

Tired of Spam Callers
29, May. 2017

919-377-9581 SSI, calling with a bad connection from a noisy call center at 9pm on a Saturday night. Upon call-back, I find out they want me to send in an email in order to opt out. Great - then they'll have my email address also. This is the second evening they have bothered us at home, and the 3rd time this weekend - all from 3 different numbers.

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