Area Code 918

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Area code: 918
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
23, Apr. 2017

shes a hooker

21, Apr. 2017

I have reported them before.

21, Apr. 2017

Someone from this number called today and didn't leave a message

20, Apr. 2017

Each time caller did not leave a message on answering machine.

20, Apr. 2017

The call was from a robo-call computer offering some type of travel promotion.

20, Apr. 2017

call comes every day

19, Apr. 2017

Block the number!

19, Apr. 2017

Left a message saying I have a package with a PO Box number and they need my address to deliver it..

18, Apr. 2017

I don't answer nunbers I don't recognize. They left no message so I blocked it the same as I do telemarketers that do not leave a message.

16, Apr. 2017

It was a recorded, "get rich quick" scheme that pretended to be a conference call you could listen in on.

Alan Kim
14, Apr. 2017

I also got texts and calls from this number. They never left any voice message and I don't familiar with this Lori. It showed "Lori" on my caller ID. I think it's enough for me to think that this was just scam. I will report this number to FTC and local sheriffs tomorrow morning.

12, Apr. 2017

If the Congress at the national level would address some of the ills that destroy the everyday existence of persons in our country, they might be doing more good than arguing politically about issues that have not been solved in all the years we have been a nation--phone calls that dance from one number to another and feature the "Veronica's and the ladies who fiddle with their headsets, the list goes on and on--could be stopped if someone who has the power would simply move off their behinds and get it done.

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