Area Code 918

Additional information:

Area code: 918
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
24, May. 2017

When I asked the name of their company, they hang up.

24, May. 2017

I can receive this money because of a bladder procedure I had and I never had one.

23, May. 2017

No company name or number was given for the caller, although the cruise lines were named.

23, May. 2017

Threatening legal action if call is not returned.

23, May. 2017

They left a message. Sounded like a machine talking. Said that I have a warrant against me and my property. No company name, no persons name. Just said to call them back immediately to avoid further prosecution proceedings. Right........ and pink pigs do fly. I deleted this message. Its nonsense.

23, May. 2017

I have been told that if i answer it, they can claim I approved their call.

22, May. 2017

Same thing for me today, says I have arrest warrant now.

22, May. 2017

Called from this number at stated that they were from they were from the IRS and were going to take property in Oklahoma for back taxes. Have no taxes due and never owned property in Oklahoma.

22, May. 2017

If these calls originate in the US, than the person responsible needs to be locked up.

22, May. 2017

Even though I kept opting out and had the land line on the DNC list, I kept getting calls.

22, May. 2017

and talked to a live agent, and asked them politely to stop calling me.

22, May. 2017

This was a robo-call offering home security services if I allow them to place a small sign in my front yard.

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