Area Code 917

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Area code: 917
State: New York
Country: USA
23, Aug. 2017

Wants myself or my attorneys to call them back

22, Aug. 2017

When I told him to take my number off the list he told me to go F_____ myself.

21, Aug. 2017

shit is crazy this is gay

16, Aug. 2017

No response, Number blocked.

Andy M,
15, Aug. 2017

My story is the same as others: Immediate reply to a new craigslist listing, eager to buy my item site unseen, will arrange for pick-up., then sent a phony Paypal email, saying that she paid $700 more that I was asking, and this money would be released after I sent the $650 to the "moving company" by Moneygram. Do people actually fall for such an obvious scam? Can't someone trace the number back to the person that has it and arrest her (or him)?

12, Aug. 2017

called again, left no message

2, Aug. 2017


Rob of NY
2, Aug. 2017

a Jehovah's Witness just called me out of the blue to pray with her. Don't know if this is a scam or what. Hung up.

28, Jul. 2017

I called the number back on my work phone and it's claims to be a survey. I believe it's a recording whose talking and advises you that if you do not want anymore calls to go to a website and email them indicating your phone # and to not call you anymore. This is a sad scanner who would get your email address and tel # so they can scan you and possibly hack your computer and demand info or money. Don't fall for it. There is a 407 area code number doing the same thing.

27, Jul. 2017

I have received several call from this number but they never answer.

27, Jul. 2017

get calls every dY and they sont leave a message

26, Jul. 2017

I have had two calls from this number now.

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