Phone: 917-376-0964

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South Richmond Hill, New York
Its exchange 376 is managed by BLUE LICENSES HOLDING, LLC
The number is currently on switch number HNTNNYSUCM6 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 16 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "sarah, sarah"
21, Jan. 2013

Message said, "Hey it's Sarah I put some pics on my profile here my username is sarahxo1"

21, Jan. 2013

Left an SMS which read: Hey, it's Sarah, I put some pics on my profile here....." They are LUCKY that my texts are unlimited...if they weren't, I'd be taking this complaint further.

21, Jan. 2013

4 am my phone sounds letting me know I had received a text. My heart pounds thinking of my aged parents. Text reads ""Hey it's Sarah I put some pics on my profile here my username is sarahxo1" I have no clue how someone got my cell number. Just wanted post. Don't respond to this.

21, Jan. 2013

1-646-675-0986 , "Hey it's Sarah I put some pics on my profile here my username is sarahxo1" Very annoying, reporting to my cell phone carrier. Read more at

21, Jan. 2013

I don't need to be bothered with this nonsense, I have a life.

21, Jan. 2013

1-612-321-6082 This is the new number just got it at 12:35pm central time. I've recieved this text 2 times total so far and it freaks me out because of my ex wife is named sarah and my wife now keeps asking about it and i have to explain and show her. So it is very annoying and a big problem.

23, Jan. 2013

24, Jan. 2013

On January 18th, 2013, someone using the name of Sarah sent the following text message to my Android cell phone: Heyy its Sarah i put some pics on my profile here my username is sarahxo1. (End of text message). Obviously, whoever it was that composed the text message was not conscientious enough to check for typographical errors, and did not even care to change i to I. I do not know what the "Caller Type" is / was. I went to an Orange County, CA public library and did an online search of, but the public library had filtered out that website as prohibited due to sexual subject matter. I then came across this website ( and decided to report the text message sent to me. The phone number from which the text message from Sarah was sent to me was (917) 392-0274.

27, Jan. 2013

sarah texted me from 617-710-6657. same text that she put some pics on socialcoupling.... what can we do about this?

27, Jan. 2013

Text-Hey it's Sarah I put some pics on'm creeped out

27, Jan. 2013

hw do these f in scammer scumbags get your #? 11:31 pm 6174603846

27, Jan. 2013

Texting me at midnight makes me think there is something wrong w my parents needs too.stop

27, Jan. 2013

Cape Cod
28, Jan. 2013

Kinda funny how these ppl get out Cell #. Kinda bad on our carriers (att) After all we pay and the list still gets out. I have 3 cellphones and my 6 yr doesnt have one yet. If I get him one, Will he learn about these p**n/ppl trying to get his attention???

john cordell
29, Jan. 2013

please stop calling me. i dont know who you is annoying.

3, Feb. 2013

she text me from 707-592-0750

5, Feb. 2013

the victim
12, Feb. 2013

Can anyone please tell me if they actually saw the picture of Sarah? She is a victim of a crime. We are trying to prove that she is the victim. Someone she knew uploaded a REAL picture of her online and a hacker got the picture and username and sent it to hundreds of people. If anyone has any information please come forward and tell us. If anyone has seen the picture of sarah please save it so we can obtain the picture from you. If yall really want this to stop Stand up for TRUTH. Thank you. You may contact me through this website you can leave your email address and I will email you back.

21, Feb. 2013

I don't know this person,please protect my phone number from these type of calls......or how can I protect my phone...

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