Area Code 915

Additional information:

Area code: 915
State: Texas
Country: USA
16, Jan. 2018

National Do Not Call Registry,Y,(b)(6),(b)(6),(b)(6),(b)(6),Kilmarnock,VA,Virginia,(b)(6),(b)(6),(b)(6),Windows?

15, Jan. 2018

I have told them for any financial business they need to contact me at the number that has been registered with them.

15, Jan. 2018

The message says this is my last warning but they continue to call back.

14, Jan. 2018

Heavy Jamaican type accent, says he works for the IRS.

11, Jan. 2018

Call about lowering interests rates on credit cards

11, Jan. 2018

calls office 2/3 times per day

11, Jan. 2018

Receive several times a week for maybe as long as a year now.

10, Jan. 2018

I have asked Numerous times over this week for them to stop calling me Yesterday they called 4 times after the first time i asked them to stop they called back three more times then today.

10, Jan. 2018

I receive one of these at least once a month and would be happy to be of assistance.

10, Jan. 2018

I told them that I was on the government do not call list and asked them not to call again.

9, Jan. 2018

I asked how that could be and so I asked if she was with my bank and she said that yes, she was.

8, Jan. 2018

Not from this call but others that I did not complain about.

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