Area Code 915

Additional information:

Area code: 915
State: Texas
Country: USA
20, Jul. 2018

I am on the do not call list (DNC) and do not even have a credit card (nor have even applied to get one anywhere).

19, Jul. 2018

I do not owe a dime to anyone and they want to lower my card interest.

19, Jul. 2018

It is an annoyance and a disruption to a business as well as a home.

19, Jul. 2018

Seemed like a scam call trying to get money with a computer talking to me able to answer questions.

18, Jul. 2018

Call has something to due with interest rates on credit cards.

17, Jul. 2018

When the phone was answered, no one was on the line.

16, Jul. 2018

I have received numerous calls from this number, it is a recording, I tried holding on to talk to someone but it is a very long wait.

15, Jul. 2018

I have never been a customer and don't know where they got my number.

13, Jul. 2018

VERY RUDE. Called and demanded I put her into contact with the controller or Owner. "HI - you need to put me in contact with the owner or controller of your company regarding a financial dispute." I say okay...can I ask who's calling first and a phone number? She goes oh ok - yep go ahead and find my number. Then she hung up.

12, Jul. 2018

I cannot even depend on answering a call within my a/c.

12, Jul. 2018

I reported that we do not own our home and to please stop calling our number.

11, Jul. 2018

Robot call stating I am being suited by the IRS and I need to call them back.

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