Area Code 914

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Area code: 914
State: New York
Country: USA
18, Jun. 2017

Pretended to not understand English, much less speak in full sentences. 😂

17, Jun. 2017

This guy calls me 3 xs a month from different numbers. Today he used this one. Today he tried to tell me he was from geek squad and he fixed my computer. I never used geek squad. I told him he wasn't from geek squad and i never used them. I said nice try scammer. He gave me the big F You and i said excuse me mr geek squad. He gave me the big F You 3 or 4 more times then hung up on me. Another number i now have to try and block. Ugh!!!!

Amber S.
9, Jun. 2017

I got a lady who didn't speak English very well and it was broken. So needless to say, I got curious. Thanks. Grant Scam. Arseholes

Juggling For A Cure
7, Jun. 2017

My company, Juggling For A Cure, received following call which was an automated message targeting homeowners about an alleged government program. My phone number has been on the Do Not Call List since 2007.

5, Jun. 2017

These people called my phone 3 times in one night heading til almost 11pm!! DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMMERS.. I had to unplug the phone to stop them.

5, Jun. 2017

says it the irs and they are me for tax fraud they cant speak english

1, Jun. 2017

Recorded message was about a security system

1, Jun. 2017

This is an emergency phone for my son b(6).

1, Jun. 2017

I think this is a scam because the recording claimed there was a problem with my Chase Mastercard Debit Card, which I do not have nor have I ever had.

1, Jun. 2017

and no one is answers when you pick up the phone.

30, May. 2017

Like other commenter above, a guy with a Asian language accent called to say he is with my company's computer department, and I cut him off and said yeah, right, and when he protested, I hung up. Somehow, he knew my home landline number was also my work contact number

29, May. 2017

This company calls my personal cell phone twice a day with a recorded message.

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