Area Code 914

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Area code: 914
State: New York
Country: USA
17, Dec. 2017

Usually get two calls daily

17, Dec. 2017

These guys continually call, once a week, usually from a forwarded/routed number.

15, Dec. 2017

It's a pre-recorded message in Spanish.

15, Dec. 2017

Seems like it is a new year an they are starting all over again.

15, Dec. 2017

In the past week I've received approximately 10 calls from this number - 5 today alone!

15, Dec. 2017

Phone is registered to John Garza. Low life is calling my family too. Laughable, what a grimy piece of garbage you must be to try and have women meet you on nepperhan Avenue and then hang up when a man answers the phone. Merry Christmas you degenerate.

14, Dec. 2017

The recorded message stated that I could receive coupons that could be used to save money on purchases.

14, Dec. 2017

I answered and they hung up.

14, Dec. 2017

They called me at 3am.

14, Dec. 2017

Spoke to her supervisor, Anita Mith, who claimed I signed up in their database.

Don wood
13, Dec. 2017

I want this,asshole to coddemened to the lake of fire! He tried to kill himself in the year 2005 now iam,not friends with him I wish it happened!something about hologram computer room 202 on second floor where it used to be the sterling club library although it’s a third dimension!

13, Dec. 2017

She tried to opt out but is not able to.

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