Area Code 914

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Area code: 914
State: New York
Country: USA
30, Mar. 2017

i dont answer these weirdo calls. What does email have to do with your cell #? Makes me want to kick people in the balls.

Elisa Lamb
30, Mar. 2017

Same here. I also tried to call back the number, but got a message that the number's not working. I think the scammer spoofed their number so that our caller ID showed this number. Beware of them, folks. Don't answer calls from this number.

29, Mar. 2017

annoying call actually left a voice message this time. "medical alert". WTH, stop calling. blocked now. Guess a new number will replace this number and i will keep blocking.

29, Mar. 2017

Received the same call, it sounded like a robocall... how to report them anyway? we have to stop them keep calling everybody.

Same no caller ID just Bronxvill calls 2x / day.
28, Mar. 2017

I never pick but its anoying I have Cable Vision VOIP so I was able to block the number.

28, Mar. 2017

I have had several calls from this outfit with a recorded mesage stating my credit card rates had dropped.

28, Mar. 2017

I receive three (3) calls a week.

Julia Brock
25, Mar. 2017

Yeah, they were selling drugs. I don't know if it was legit or not, but the rep sounded like Indian. I personally never trust Indian, not racist, but all scammers that I have been talking to were all Indian accented men/women. I just ignored them and asked them to remove my number from their calling list. I hope it works.

24, Mar. 2017

They have called from the same number a few times.

24, Mar. 2017

The Caller ID. says "invalid ID"

23, Mar. 2017

called in violation of DNC listing, left a recorded message trying to sell a medical device

23, Mar. 2017

These assholes prey on unsuspecting people. Tell him to F off and hang up. I don't know why our fine government can't track down these Indian call centers and blow the douche bags up.

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