Phone: 914-294-2395

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White Plains, New York (294) exchange.
Around 51% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 56 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Florida, MOD"
13, Sep. 2012

Don't know who they are. They hear the answering machine and hang up.

13, Sep. 2012

Kee getting calls from this number. They never leave a message

14, Sep. 2012

No sound when answered, just hangs up.

19, Sep. 2012

Answered this call and a female asked for my mother who has never lived at my address and has been dead for 12 years. I just hung up. Caller ID showed MOD - and I haven't found what that is.

22, Sep. 2012

Called on Saturday before 9AM. Caller ID said "MOD'. I picked up but did not speak. (I find that throws the spammers but not my friends.) There was no sound from them. I hung up.

25, Sep. 2012

They call once or twice a day and hang up without leaving a message. This is telephone harrassment and must be stopped.

28, Sep. 2012

they call before 9:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m. and never leave a message on the answering machine. This is telephone harassment for sure.

1, Oct. 2012

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1, Oct. 2012

HELLO ELICITED A 'HANG-UP'. Maybe a concidence, maybe not. Whenever I am home during afternoons, I am besieged by solicitors/political calls/scammers/collection agencies. We ARE on a do-not-call list. Yes, it is current as of 2 months ago. These supposed laws to prevent this are totally ineffective. Makes me wonder how many other 'laws' have the same results! Tom

1, Oct. 2012

They call at least twice a day. It is annoying and I would like it stopped!

1, Oct. 2012

No one answers back. Next time I will answer the phone and lay it down and walk away.

1, Oct. 2012

We receives calls from number at least 3 times a day ( all hours of the day). Today the calls started at 7:15a.m. I do not anwser. A pain in the neck.

2, Oct. 2012

If they know where the calls are coming from (map on page). Why don't they send the authorities over to check the place out?

2, Oct. 2012

I called the number: it's the March of Dimes. They are looking for donations.

4, Oct. 2012

This number has called my home 23 times in the last 5 days. They call at inappropriate times, such as 9:14 pm, too late!, 7:15 pm when I'm cooking dinner. This irritates me when I have to stop what I'm doing, wash my hands, to check the caller ID, as I have elderly parents and have to check my calls incase they need me, otherwise I would totally ignore the phone when I was busy. These phone call are considered harassment and I want them stopped. What is even worse is that I answered this number once and no one was there!!!!!!!!! I have my number blocked, and I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!Who and HOW did they get my number??????

4, Oct. 2012

I too got a call asking for someone who is no longer alive

7, Oct. 2012

We live in The Villages FL. We get at least 2 calls a day from these morons. They never leave a message. If we pick up, there is no one there. They must make millions of calls every week. I wish the phone company would show some civic responsibility and shut these buffons down.

8, Oct. 2012

These calls are total harassment and I agree with all the above. Why can't they be stopped. This one just started calling after all the other. My cell phone I can block calls, but the call from 000-000-0000 can not be blocked and it is driving me crazy. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, hoping I break their ear drums..........

10, Oct. 2012

They call every two or three days. No one on the other end. Usually call at 7:30 PM PDT, but have called at 12:30 PM. Have easily called 20 times or more. We are on thenational no call list.

Jeff Fleischmann
13, Oct. 2012

It's the March of Dimes. Just call the number, press 1 for "More Info", & you can then enter your number to have it removed from their calling list, #TheCreeps :|

16, Oct. 2012

This is a very annoying sales/collection caller. Calls several times a day, never leaves a message. They should be shut down.

16, Oct. 2012

We get calls from this # 2-3 times a day. Very annoying. I pick up and hang up. We are on a do-not-call up-to-date list and still get these calls.

19, Oct. 2012

Its March of Dimes. They are a non-profit so they are not blocked by being on the Do Not Call list, along with political calls and a few others. You can (as others have said) call the number back, press 1 for more info then listen and it will give you a n umber to press to remove yourself from the call list.

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