Area Code 912

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Area code: 912
State: Georgia
Country: USA
29, Jun. 2017

Received numerous calls from 912-216-4715. If this continues I will hunt you down and it will not be your lucky day. Take it for what it is worth.

19, Jun. 2017

We have been constantly receiving calls from this # 1-912-304-4380. It's a prerecorded voice saying it's our final notice. The IRS has a lawsuit against us. Then it says to call them to that n7mber to learn more about the case file. I always hangup, but I'm really tired of receiving tgose calls. Watch out for that number.

17, Jun. 2017

Same message received from a computer voice saying lawsuit has been filed againstme by IRS. I know it is a scam. Work for federal government. Don't operate that way

15, Jun. 2017

Called back from automated recording with just phone # 6/15/17, was told it was the IRS and there's a warrant for my arrest for tax evasion. Then I was told it was a miscalculation and very serious. Due to the severity that is why they did not send revised numbers or request by mail. Gave me arrest warrant # but could not tell me which agency...

3, Jun. 2017

Called before, but today they called 6 times within a 6 hour period. Left no message

31, May. 2017

I rec'd 4 calls today, 2 calls yesterday and on and on

31, May. 2017

if I have to go to GA I will brake ever bone in there body Ok As hole 912 216 4789 Don't forget I'm a Viet nam vet.

26, May. 2017

They have started to call me again with a recorded message but now they are listed with the name Serve Power Phone 740-475-2667.

25, May. 2017

This is at least the third complaint I have submitted regarding this company.

24, May. 2017

Classic info stealing scam.

23, May. 2017

Morning, noon, And eveening.

23, May. 2017

call themselves CCI - use several numbers to get around call blocking

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