Area Code 912

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Area code: 912
State: Georgia
Country: USA
27, Apr. 2017

(912) 398-3556 is used by scammers to extort money. I received, a couple of days ago, a call from (912) 398-3556 saying that it was the Final Notice before IRS was filing a federal lawsuit against me, to pay $2,489 I "owe", plus interest. When I called (912) 398-3556 back, the person who answered the call, which had an accent (sounded like he was from India) and said his name was Officer Johnson (or something similar), with a Treasury ID number TRM0922. "Officer Johnson" strongly "suggested" me to wire money via MoneyGram, within 3 hours; otherwise he will come to workplace to arrest me. Report this number to the local police and to your county prosecutor office. I just did that. Do not let these scammers get away with their idiotic scam.

26, Apr. 2017

Caller ID said "Women's Cancer" (I didn't answer & they hung up w/o leaving a msg.)

25, Apr. 2017

Block if you want, it'll do no good. Student loan BS

22, Apr. 2017

she suffers from dementia and is in a nursing home.

21, Apr. 2017

goes right to vm - no vm set up - goodbye

21, Apr. 2017

If you don't leave a message you are automatically a scammer...

21, Apr. 2017

They said they would, but they call from different numbers with end in different endings: 2784 2783 2782

14, Apr. 2017

I have asked that I be removed from their call list and have still been called.

14, Apr. 2017

Called 5 times in 1-1/2 hours in the evening. On pickup, no sound. After about 20 seconds of silence, hangs up. Have no idea what they are seeking.

13, Apr. 2017

Calls several times a day but doesn't leave message. Calls at all hours too! Annoying!

12, Apr. 2017

I did not take the call, however, a message was left on my voice mail.

12, Apr. 2017

We are receiving this soliciting call from (248)215-0437 daily about mortgage rates/applications which needs to be stopped.

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