Phone: 910-795-2584

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Wilmington, North Carolina
Its exchange 795 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number ATLNGAHPDS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 34% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 35 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Ashley, Academic Advisors"
10, Jul. 2013

Keep calling and no message

24, Jul. 2013

Constant calling, every day. Never leave a message! City ID says Wilmington, NC. That's it.

28, Jul. 2013

Call my cell, even on Sundays in morning. Embarrassing in Church

18, Sep. 2013

Constantly calling. Never leaving a message.

3, Oct. 2013

They called and don't leave message. Treat it as a spam. Maybe I won the Kenya lottery!! lol

10, Oct. 2013

Called my phone twice. No message. Listed as Wilmington, NC

12, Oct. 2013

Called me asking about college enrollment... Its prolly a scam trying to get me money.. Whenever I asked questions they just pressed on with more questions like I didn't even ask them anything, and there was alot of background noise... No telling where the call was placed from.. My advise do not answer and if you do just hang up...

13, Oct. 2013

Called three times, called back once and It said something about education. I thought maybe it was about cont. Ed. Units for my licence. They never leave a message and call when I am working with someone so I don't answer my phone.

3, Nov. 2013

These guys call all the time. They a real pain in the a..!!!

22, Nov. 2013

This number call my cell all the time. Am truly getting sick of it.

25, Nov. 2013

called twice saying they needed my academic information to place me in the proper degree program with an adviser. they hung up the first time when I said I already had a number of degrees. the second time they asked me if I'd planned to return to school in the next three month. when I said no and that I had multiple degrees they seemed bewildered and finally said goodby. maybe a direct scam. maybe trying to drum up business for one of those on-line universities. it's a Wilimington NC number

26, Nov. 2013

These people keep calling me something about going back to school. It is sooo annoying. Next time they call I think I'll have some words for them.

3, Dec. 2013

"Academic Advisor" telemarketing. I am on the do not call list and they call anyway.

13, Dec. 2013

The 910-795-2584 will call and when I answer there is no one on the other line. This has happened at least 3 times. What can be done to keep them from calling me.

18, Dec. 2013

This is a telemarketer who leaves messages saying "This is a call from Academic Advising" to unsubscribe, enter your 10 digit telephone number, followed by the pound sign. However, if you enter your number to unsubscribe, they keep calling. There is never an option to talk to a human.

23, Dec. 2013

Refused to put a supervisor on the phone.

26, Dec. 2013

Receiving calls almost daily. Since I am unsure who this is and the only thing that pops up is Wilmington, NC, I have not answered. Never leave a message. Very annoying. It it's important, leave a message!

9, Jan. 2014

this caller never leaves a msg. but consistently calls. annoying

20, Jan. 2014

They call every 15 minutes. Never leaves a message. Usually hangs up after 4th ring. What do they want?

25, Jan. 2014

They call me several times a day, never leave a message. Extremely annoying, as I have to keep my phone on for work reasons. Is there a way to stop the calls?

3, Feb. 2014

Repeated calls. Called out my formal name one time On the answering machine but otherwise left no message. It is from Wilmington NC

4, Feb. 2014

Street address looks like S 5th Avenue in downtown Wilmington NC via satellite mapping.

6, Feb. 2014

to survey me and help me select college courses. WTF?

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