Phone: 910-225-5601

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Lumberton, North Carolina
Its exchange 225 is managed by UNITED STATES CELLULAR CORP. -
The number is currently on switch number LMTNNCAJCM1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
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29, Feb. 2012

This number keep calling me morning, noon, and night. I would appreciate if they stop calling me. If it was really important, the caller would leave a message.

13, Mar. 2012

A collection agency called diversified consultants Inc. They also call from 910-225-5601.

15, Mar. 2012

Diversified Consultants Inc. They also call from 910-225-5613, and 910-225-5622. I get calls from them atleast twice a day and sometimes more.

29, Nov. 2012

Doesn't leave a message but calls day, night and weekends!

20, Feb. 2013

Ignoring this call knowing they weren't gonna leave a message. I'm not dumb people I know what you want and your not getting it from me.

9, Mar. 2013

This number 910-225-5613 called me after 8pm. I answered the phone because the number seemed like a local number..Lumberton NC. When I answered they said they were Diversified Consultants a Collection Agency, however they never said that this was an attempt to collect a debt. They told me they were calling on behalf of Tmobile. They shared with me amount owed due to early termination with Tmobile. The oddest thing though they asked me if I was going to go back to Tmobile then they could reduce balance I owe. I dont trust them.

10, Apr. 2013

This is a company confirmed as Diversified Consultants which is a collection company. They were trying to collect on a Spriny account from almost 8 years ago that was filed as a debt in a Bankrupcy court and discharged in 2007 They (Sprint is not supposed to be contacting me since this was discharged.

6, Aug. 2013

They also call from 910-816-1545 and 910-416-5234.

29, Oct. 2013

They call me saying they are calling me on behalf of AT&T that I owe them money. I been out of the country for the past 15 plus years.

27, Nov. 2013

They called my unlisted number looking for my x who's currently in jail!! They where rude, and wouldn't tell me why they where lookin for him. They have called 3 times in one day !

16, Feb. 2015

this company keeps calling my home and we answer they hang up. How do we stop this company from calling? The number they are using now is 910-225-5829

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