Area Code 909

Additional information:

Area code: 909
State: California
Country: USA
30, Aug. 2016

They addressed me by my last name so they somehow obtained my personal information and mobile number.

30, Aug. 2016

And so they continue.

28, Aug. 2016

No one answered when I picked up call so I called them back. Answering machine on call back identified himself as Mike something with the IRS. Voice mail was full and could not leave message. Third bogus IRS call within the last 2 weeks.

26, Aug. 2016

recording from phony "IRS agent Hetta Smith" demanding callback, $$$, lawyer's name

26, Aug. 2016

I think they were trying to still my identity

25, Aug. 2016

This is my 2nd complaint.

25, Aug. 2016

I submitted my resume to a Job via craigslist.

21, Aug. 2016

The caller leads a person to believe that Microsoft corp.

20, Aug. 2016

April Zapanta said she was calling to help us with our Medicare enrollments

19, Aug. 2016

This includes in the later part of the evening as well as weekends.

19, Aug. 2016

I dont' pick up the calls.

19, Aug. 2016

This is a SCAM, This guy calls speaking Spanish claiming to be the Power Company or Edison , and that the power is about to be shot down. . When I asked for his name he hanged up.

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