Area Code 909

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Area code: 909
State: California
Country: USA
26, Apr. 2017

Sales pitch, called back a second time after I didn't answer the first time!

26, Apr. 2017

I got three yesterday, 3 on Sunday, 2 on Saturday and so on.

26, Apr. 2017

Country United States Area Code 315 City East Syracuse State New York Company Sprint Spectrum L.p.

25, Apr. 2017

I get 2 calls daily from this number and / or. 9094981634 9094981635 9094981636 9094981637 9094981638 They will not say anything..once I called back and someone answered and said they were from HFS..I asked why have they been calling and hanging up on me for months..the woman got angry so I him up on her.. They continue too harass me DAILY still..what can I do??

24, Apr. 2017

Calls me 2-3 times a day. Every time I answer and say hello I never get a response:

21, Apr. 2017

Recorded caller trying to get us to buy a burial plan, many times. It won't let me talk to an actual human. My great great grandparents bought a large spot to have sites for many gerations, as well as their spouses. We also have a funeral home in our family!!! Why won't they stop calling??

20, Apr. 2017

Instead, I immediately hung up and am filing this complaint.

20, Apr. 2017

I've read three descriptions of this phone number from energy seller to asking for court papers. This number must be sold to a lot of crooks. They keep calling and don't leave a number!! Please can someone get to these people and tell them to knock it off and don't bother decent people?

20, Apr. 2017

Recorded call about lowering interest rates.

20, Apr. 2017

I don't want to hear from these people.

20, Apr. 2017

I have been on the Do not call list for 3-6 months.

18, Apr. 2017

I am in CA and forwarded to my cell, so I was wakened at 7:52 am, which I believe is illegal.

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