Area Code 909

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Area code: 909
State: California
Country: USA
20, Jan. 2018

im tired of the rude telemarketers.

20, Jan. 2018

Called repeatly. Never left a voicemail. The above comments are true.

Tanera Nay
19, Jan. 2018

I didn't answer.

19, Jan. 2018

Dave from Dell call to say I have a virus on my computer. and that I needed to turn on my computer. so he can fix. i told him I don't have a computer anymore, so I'm not sure how we can see I have a virus.. "Click" I get a call nearly every other day, but from different numbers.

19, Jan. 2018

Another call in which the caller said that I would receive $1.500 of free home security if I would let them place a sign in my yard.

19, Jan. 2018

Seems to be trying to contact a previous owner of the phone number - treatens legal action if I don't call back.

19, Jan. 2018

Jessica Navarro, also seen as:Jessica Y Woods, Jessica Y Tavarro,current address:2708 Clay Ave, Waco TX 76711 .EXCHANGE 875 IS managed by PACIFIC BELL CA NUMBER CURRENTLY ON SWITCH NUMBER RILTCA11DSO

19, Jan. 2018

They call every day, seven days a week, usually multiple times a day.

19, Jan. 2018

This number has called me 10 times between 5/26 and 6/2.

19, Jan. 2018

Lowe’s Delivery stating an address I once lived at. Waited entire 35 mins only to have call drop. Wtf?

19, Jan. 2018

We do not answer calls that we cannot identify on our caller ID.

18, Jan. 2018

Since the call was recorded, I could not ask them to cease calling.

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