Area Code 909

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Area code: 909
State: California
Country: USA
24, Oct. 2016

I keep getting calls from 314494.

24, Oct. 2016

A robo call saying I've been selected to win a trip.

22, Oct. 2016

Seems like he is still at it! He wrote some disgusting things when I responded about a room he had posted about on craigslist. I was smart enough to not respond to the bait insults and it seems like he's going to leave me alone. But yeah, he's disturbed.

21, Oct. 2016

Recorded call that was soliciting an application for a credit card telling me I was pre-approved, (I just went through Bankruptcy, so I doubt if I'm pre-approved).

21, Oct. 2016

didn't pick up the phone.

21, Oct. 2016

this company claimed to be Microsoft and they told me that my IP address had been hacked and they were calling to help me.

21, Oct. 2016

I keep telling them I am NOT interested

20, Oct. 2016

they are still calling

20, Oct. 2016

I have reported this number before, called them back to let them know they called the wrong number and was hung up on.

19, Oct. 2016

This call is from NY, They have been calling for over 2 weeks, morning noon and night.

19, Oct. 2016

I am getting daily calls from the same company with the same recorded message about a business loan from a different number each day.

18, Oct. 2016

I have received approximately 10 calls from this number since September 22, 2015.

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