Phone: 908-445-0103

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Roselle, New Jersey
Its exchange 445 is managed by PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC. -
The number is currently on switch number NWRKNJ02XMY (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 29% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 34 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "globaltouch, global touch / P R A "
24, Oct. 2013

Don't know what the call was, I don't know anyone in NJ. No message, probably harrassment.

25, Oct. 2013

Global Touch calling about "Vehicle processing" wanted to speak with my spouse who is first owner listed on latest car we purchased, hung up when I asked if I could take a message. Will not be answering this again.

26, Oct. 2013

Woman said she was with the Vehicle Processing Center and started asking questions about my car. She was reading from script. I hung up and will not answer future calls!

26, Oct. 2013

Did not not know personal or business relation in NJ. I have \"do not call\"...

27, Oct. 2013

\"These people call about once a day regarding a vehicle that I have not owned for more than three years. I have told them this many times, and they just keep calling anyway. They call at all times of day and evening, including on weekends. Being on the Federal \'do not call\' registry does absolutely no good at all with scammers like this!

l steger
12, Dec. 2013

I get 1-2 calls daily from global touch #908 445 0103 but refuse to answer so it shows on phone. I then call it back and woman recording says they only have certain hours so call back during those hours. (even though i am within that time frame) THIS IS HARRASSEMENT and needs to be found/responcible!!

20, Dec. 2013

They call my home daily leaving no message. After reading other posts I now see where they got my private number from. No way to contact them to tell them to "do not call". Very annoying and thank goodness for caller ID.

20, Dec. 2013

Same comments as everyone else. If called back it says they are closed.

3, Jan. 2014

I asked the man to take us off his call list because people sleep here during the day and he told me I need to turn the ringer off. How do I get rid of them they call here every day.

9, Jan. 2014

Did not leave is called..Office ours 8-5 Pacific Time???

10, Jan. 2014

no one answers when you pick up sooooo annoying

14, Jan. 2014

Very annoying! Don't know why they are calling and not leaving any messages. I hope the company that has this customer terminate their service.

22, Jan. 2014

Keeps calling daily. Sometimes they hang up after I say hello. Today the woman answered with an accent asked for me and then hung up. I researched the number and although the caller id shows Global Touch in Roselle, NJ, the number is managed by Paetec Communications. I called Paetec at 800-600-5050 and told them that the owner of this phone number is a scammer. If you are reading this, please call 800-600-5050 and let them know so they can see how many people are getting these annoying calls. Perhaps if they receive enough complaints they will turn off that customer's phone.

23, Jan. 2014

These clown call just about every day to try to sell me an extended warranty on my car. I hang up every time, usually without speaking and I have now blocked their number.

25, Jan. 2014

I have received many calls from this number on my cell. One time I answered by error and after a short delay, I could here the call center in the background, a female, possibly from Bombay, ask for an undecernable name. Told her it was wrong number and not to call again.. I received another call today!

3, Feb. 2014

They keep calling, I keep ignoring. What BS is the DO NOT CALL list. This should be illegal!

3, Feb. 2014

Call every day several times a day...annoying

3, Feb. 2014

keep getting phone calls from this number, my caller ID says it is Global Touch. I tried answering today but they hang up. What is this?

3, Feb. 2014

idiots that want me to answer

3, Feb. 2014

How to STOP this daily calling????

pissed off nebraska!!
5, Feb. 2014

f**k these losers!! just like everyone else here says scammers scammers on cars!!!

8, Feb. 2014

asked about a car and hung up when I wanted to take a message

10, Feb. 2014

Harrassing phone call, calls every day, day after day while I'm at work, leaves no information. What is this company?

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