Area Code 905

Additional information:

Area code: 905
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
26, May. 2018

caller did not answer immeadiatly indicating auto dialing waiting for any line to answer.

25, May. 2018

These people called me twice on my cell phone.

24, May. 2018

They called me again for the duct cleaning even after I told them I don't need it. May 23, 2018

23, May. 2018

you stole my money

21, May. 2018

called but did not leave a message.

17, May. 2018

Scam, just received a voice message saying that He is a CRA agent I will get arrested if I didn't call back

Dave's not here
17, May. 2018

Yeah, got the same call. Scammers trying to scam. I tried to call back using so as to not let them have my number (it's a free web phone call service) and yeah, phone number doesn't pick up. Probably generated the same way that services like poptox works and isn't a real number even. Someone calls claiming to be CRA, ask if they know your name and info about you, Then even if that checks out, say you'll call them back with a verified number that they must provide. If they give you a number, google it and if it doesn't belong to CRA then its bs. So sad, because this definitely works on people's insecurities and tax anxieties.

16, May. 2018

My 83 year old Mother tries to get to the phone - only to get this crap!

16, May. 2018

Said I won 2 million and a BMW and just needed a 500.00 green dot recharge card.

15, May. 2018

It is no one I am doing business with.

15, May. 2018

Recorded call regarding credit card services.

14, May. 2018

I Googled the number and found on various websites that the number belongs to a debt consolidation service.

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