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Phone number: 905-448-2943

is located in Oshawa, Ontario.

Its exchange 448 is managed by CALL-NET COMMUNICATIONS.

The number is currently on switch number OSHWONAU0MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 40% of people reported it as "Unknown"

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Latest people reported the number as that of "no message, 9054482943"

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Calls about 3 times a week never leaves a message!

Reported 25, Jan. 2012.

Called once. No message

Reported 3, Feb. 2012.

This number called and when I answered no one was there. Not 3mins. later an adobe error came up on the computer saying something about a communication attempt on the net I should accept and restart my computer

Reported 25, Feb. 2012.
anonymous and pissed

I get these calls, I am never home, they speak to other household members, when they say I am not home they say they will call back. They do not leave a message. Dont like that they ask for me by name.

Reported 21, Mar. 2012.

I just received a call from this number stating they are from Sears and wanting to inform me about a benefits plan that goes on top of my current benefits plan. When i told her i was not interested she told me that 'because she liked me' she will give me a 5 year 'no cost to me' benefit package 'just to try out' because I'm 'such a valuable customer' and took my date of birth. Now I'm concerned because this call was to my cell phone and she knew my name but only asked for my birth date. Should i be concerned? What should i do to find out if this is legit or not? Maybe call Sears and ask if they are making these calls out to people.

Reported 11, Feb. 2013.

Phone rang, caller asked for me specifically. When I confirmed, dead silence. Ten seconds later, line disconnects. I have an unlisted landline. This bothers me.

Reported 23, Feb. 2013.

called my cel phone,asked for me by name,claimed to be Sears Financial,I said "not interested thank you" then hung up

Reported 1, Mar. 2013.

Just received a call from them. The guy on the phone asked to speak to another person in my household. I told him they're at work, and he said he'd call back, refusing to leave a message.

Reported 2, Dec. 2013.

Keep getting calls from this number. Never leave a messege if I don't answer. Dead silence if I do answer. Count me annoyed!

Reported 6, Dec. 2013.

They never leave a message on my cell and I am getting quite annoyed. If it is Sears Financial, this alone will never entice me to do business with you!

Reported 6, Dec. 2013.

Has called my cell 5 times now in the past week and has never left a message. WTF strange.

Reported 12, Dec. 2013.

I keep getting calls too but never answer it. I called back and got a recording for Optima Communications International Inc. Its a call center.

Reported 13, Dec. 2013.

Calls numerous times no message

Reported 14, Dec. 2013.

Received a call asking for my husband by name. When I told the woman calling he wasn't home they responded the call wasn't urgent and would call back.

Reported 17, Dec. 2013.

Get calls from this number but they never leave a message. I decided to call them back and got a voice mail stating I had reached Optima Communications, a customer satisfaction survey group. I just blocked their number.

Reported 7, Feb. 2014.

Whats up with this/these numbers calling and never leaving message. I have my mobile number on a list so I dont get these calls... why am I still getting calls? Its bad enough there are a tonne of these numbers calling from the states then to have to deal with them from within canada.

Reported 13, Feb. 2014.

At least leave fn message - idiots

Reported 5, Jan. 2015.

Same here, this number is calling my cell phone everyday and i refuse to answer it, leave a message idiots if you want me to call back.

Reported 6, Jan. 2015.

Phoned my cell, didn't leave a message.

Reported 6, Jan. 2015.
Victim of Compassion

I parted company with my TV/'Net provider a few years ago under hard terms. i.e They claimed I owed them, I claimed the opposite, AND they had failed to deliver per contract. That company called me and made the mistake of threatening me, or at least my reputation as honest, via credit organizations. I laughed and said, "Considering your company's reputation, I think more people would applaud me". She said, "Oh yeah? I have a company that will follow you to hell!" I presume this is them. I have heard that Panasonic has a telephone with a model # something like KX-TG411x CB, which is a very reasonably priced DECT 6.0 cordless phone series that has a "caller block" feature that disposes (sent to 'busy') of unwanted callers on the 1st ring. Perhaps this, or similar devices, would help?

Reported 15, Jan. 2015.

I have also received daily calls from this number, never answer, but finally called back. It is Optima Communications , whoever that is. Just don't answer their calls, maybe they will give up.

Reported 13, Feb. 2015.

I was not home. I'm in the do not call directory, and only certain people can get my number to call. Like anyone I do finances with. I also get calls from purported WestJet reps wanting to give me a few thousand etc. I've report the WestJet fake to the CRTC fraud site. Everyone should do this if money is involved, or, you suspect, it is. It just might be, even if they're calling the wrong #. I'm not listed right now either, except with organizations that require my no.

Reported 4, Mar. 2015.

This message is to odd....When you order from Sears to make sure they have the right person if you have an account with them they ask for your birthdate. Call Sears right away

Reported 6, Mar. 2015.
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