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3, Mar. 2018

They called me saying that I have warrants be careful this is only I don't believe these people scans

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23, Feb. 2018

As rest of the folks mentioned, I had the same treat of getting arrested by local cops. A plot designed by a 4th grader, but I wonder why they continue doing it and get away with it? Isn't there an agency to monitor this deception and put them in jail?

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16, Feb. 2018

this company after several calls of telling them to stop calling.

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1, Jun. 2017


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10, Apr. 2017

They just hung up on me.

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28, Mar. 2017


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24, Mar. 2017

Didn't answer, didn't leave a message

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20, Mar. 2017

This is clearly an attempt at identity theft/consumer fraud.

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3, Feb. 2017

They have called me twice today so far. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not know. If they are legit, they will leave a message.

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12, Jan. 2017

not even in that area

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7, Jan. 2017

YOU WON a cruise vacation. Yeah right.

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8, Oct. 2016

The machine calls twice a day, and never leaves a message.

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19, Sep. 2016

name on caller id was Joann Jordan claimed that there was a hacker in my computer asked for me by name

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29, Aug. 2016

Rang twice, hung up, never left a message. Received another call shortly after from alabama area also didnt leave a message.

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9, Oct. 2015

called; did not lv msg.

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1, Sep. 2015

Multiple calls, sometimes two or three over a five day period, in my view is harassment!

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25, Mar. 2015

Another call from the 404 area code.

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25, Dec. 2014

It is a recorded message so we cannot insist they stop calling. Receive calls almost daily on all of our lines.

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18, Dec. 2014

This is an emergency physician line and they call weekly with a recorded message of solicitation.

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30, Oct. 2014

called number back to ask them to please stop call and to take my number off the list. The guy was rude and started cusing at me. When I was not rude to him. Glad I didn't do any type of business with them GE Capital subsidiary. I personally think they are a SCAM!!!

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18, Aug. 2014

No one on other end of line when phone picked up.

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18, Aug. 2014

Message says to press 2 to be taken off list. Press 0 to connect. Unsolicited spam call.

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14, Aug. 2014

Called but hung up without a message

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25, Apr. 2014

this co. keeps calling even after asking them to stop and telling them i don't want their service. they average calling me about 2-3 times a week.

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7, Mar. 2014

this company called with at least 4 different numbers. the man i spoke to this morning mocked me when i told him i was on the do not call list saying that if that was true than why was he able to call? I have never done business with this company. they have called every 2 weeks for months and i would just like them to stop. it's becoming ridiculous.

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14, Feb. 2014

This is the second or third time that I have received a recorded call from this company in the past few weeks.

M. Walker
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16, Dec. 2013

This person had a middle eastern accent and asked the male version of the name. told him there was no such person, he then corrected it to the female version and when I asked who was calling he either said Charlie Brown or Harry Brown. I responded who and he hung up. Sounds much like a man who called a few weeks ago posing as a Micro soft worker trying to fix a problem with my computer that they received notice over the internet about. I had no issues with my computer.

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14, Mar. 2013

When i informed the person that I was on the list he responded "i don't care what f**** list your on" and hung up!

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13, Mar. 2013

They call our office several times a day. They will not leave a message.

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22, Oct. 2012

Coming in all hours of the day from different numbers

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10, Oct. 2012

"Wait for the next available operator". I cannot tell a recording to leave me alone.