Phone: 904-372-8671

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Jacksonville, Florida
Its exchange 372 is managed by NUVOX COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - F
The number is currently on switch number JCVLFLJBRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 12 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "leo, Lorraine and LCN"
18, Jul. 2013

Trying to sell auto insurance. Very rude and pushy!

25, Jul. 2013

The dudes name was Leo and yup he hung up on me too!

18, Sep. 2013

co. name lcn. says he is calling to offer quotes on car insurance for a better cost.

2, Oct. 2013

i called back and some guy picked up saying my name over and over again i dont know where he is calling from my bf called back and some lady said lcn lvn lpc lpn idk???? ????sketchy

11, Nov. 2013

Tries to breath heavy

16, Nov. 2013

I answered hello and there was no response, so I hung up.

former employee
22, Nov. 2013

Awful management! Leo Martinez is the main supervisor. He is a rude ignorant a**. He does not deserve to be in any kind of position of authority. He treats employees like s***. He will ignore you when you have a question or problem. He won't even make eye contact if he just so happens to answer you on a rare occasion. DO NOT work for insurance express aka lcn. 100% cold calling. In the intro we literally say "the reason why I am calling is because we recently received some auto information for local agents and carriers to produce a quick auto insurance quote" when in fact we did not. The most we will have is an address an email and a date of birth. And that info is often incorrect to start with. Leo goes by a rapper name "Lee cartel" here is a awful song by this S***y manager and here is his website Feel free to reply to this I will check back often and answer any questions

20, Oct. 2014

I hung up?

5, Jan. 2015

Didn't leave a message. First clue it was a telemarketer.

9, Apr. 2015

He was an a*s, I asked to be taken off his call list and he said no ,,I told him that law states if I ask they have too or leading himself to a big legal hassle and as I was recording call did not look good for him. He told me I had to give him a reason and I said I did not ,as I have been called 4times by this number ,,I have read previous comments, I asked or stated too Leo that his "real" career , rap , must not be going so well as he has too stoop to the level of harassment he is doing now,, he seemed to have taken that kinda personal and not in a good way ,,he hung up

21, Apr. 2015

Kept calling all day about every hour to hour and half. ..never once left a message. That is harassment any way you look at it.

15, Sep. 2015

Kept calling asking for my 12 year old daughter!!! Told him to not call again I have not blocked this number. This is definitely harassment and I don't know how they got my cell number. I am fuming that they asked for my daughter and she is 12 and they are selling auto insurance??!!!

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