Phone: 903-594-4759

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Tyler, Texas
Its exchange 594 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL - TX
The number is currently on switch number TYLRTXLYDS0 (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists)
Around 100% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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East Texas Land Line Owner
13, Feb. 2017

Calls from this number come in on a regular basis, to both our land line and our cell phones, but mostly to our land line. We make a habit of never - and I mean - NEVER - answering calls from #'s we do not recognize due to the fact that registering with the do-not-call doesn't work for advertisements, but is ONLY supposed to not work for Government (VOTE FOR ME!) type calls. (Really, they are allowed to get through, even when registered with the Do Not Call registry.) We never answer the phone also because, being older (Almost 'senior citizens) citizens we have been the recipients of all SORTS of teller marketing attempts to sell us outrageous things - as is, sadly, often the case with both the youth and older people. If there have been storms in our area, we used to get calls asking if we wanted a new roof or our trees cut, etc. It seems scammers actually go to great lengths to scam, even following the weather. I have never answered this number, I came in online to find out information about it because I am due for some new calls from specialists I have to go to in the medical field. I am glad to see others replied about it as I was wondered if it was one I should answer, as I have been waiting over 1.5 months to see certain doctor/specialist and I don't really keep a list of which numbers are not to be answered. Since I took the time to WRITE something in here, maybe now I will remember this number and not keep looking it up.

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