Phone: 903-246-2000

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Commerce, Texas
Its exchange 246 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number DLLATX37DS4 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 19 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "wireless caller, peter parker"
20, Mar. 2014

Someone called me from the above number. When I answered, the caller hung up. When I called the number back, a recording said the number was out of service.

21, Mar. 2014

I tried calling this number immediately back after it called me. Guess What? I get a Verizon recording stating number has been changed or disconnected.

21, Mar. 2014

Ditto! Just received a call today from this number. Same thing, disconnect notice.

21, Mar. 2014

I answered the number, thinking that it could be an call from an internship program that I submitted an application form. It was so noisy on the line that I could barely hear what the person was saying. First, I think he said something about me winning a prize, but it was too hard to hear for sure. He said something about a security system at a house, asking if I was the home owner. I told him I'm not a homeowner and don't even own a house (I live in an apartment.) We ended the call there. I found this page when I wanted to check the phone number out because my dad was a victim of a "one-ring" call scam a few months ago. He might have been a telemarketer/scammer for all I know, but I don't want to label it as such without knowing for sure.

24, Mar. 2014

Through law, when you tell them to take you off, they shouldn't call you anymore. Call and report the number immediately if it doesn't stop.

24, Mar. 2014

Just got a call from this number. I missed it of course. I listened to the voice mail but, all it was was a person fumbling with the phone then they hung up and there was a beep. DON'T CALL ME AGAIN!

25, Mar. 2014

They do call you even if you are on the national and texas DO NOT CALL list. I think somebody needs to get their asses into court and fine the owner...

25, Mar. 2014

This number just called me twice. Didn't leave a message.

25, Mar. 2014

This number called me over 5 times yesterday and left automated messages on my voice mail, when I attempted to call this number back a version message informed me the number was discconnected? Again the number called, this time I answer and a man was on the other line to tell me he was with such and such company. Once he shut up I informed him I had received several calls from this number and when I called it back it said it was disconnect. As soon as he heard me say that he went silent and hung up on me. All I wanted to do was yell at him for calling over and over. Bogus company.

25, Mar. 2014

He sounds Mexican or Latino.

31, Mar. 2014

Been calling me several times the last week. No voicemail, no answer. Hope they get sued.

11, Jun. 2014

yes, i just got a call on my cell phone which is on the do not call registry. I just ignored it. it never went to my voice mail when I pushed the ignore button. So far no return call either

16, Jun. 2014

this number called my phone twice in a row and left no message.

16, Dec. 2014

salesman for a security system. Comes from 3 different numbers.

16, Dec. 2014

Just got a call from this number on December 16, 2014. I didn't answer since I don't know anyone from Commerce, TX.

18, Dec. 2014

salesman for a security system lol sounded Indian asked me if i owned or rented i told him i rented then he asked me so i own the house i asked him why i would rent from my self long story short he swore at me 3 times then asked my to tell my sister hi

19, Dec. 2014

These fuckers have been calling me ALL DAY! I have told them 6 times to take me off their call list and they just hang up on me and call me back two hours later. Its always a different man with an accent from India and they say Home Security Systems. I have asked to speak to their manager and they just hang up. I'm ready to go freaking postal. Commerce isn't that far away and I'm not above driving down there and stomping some a*s so hard Shiva takes pity on their poor soul and calls them home.

23, Dec. 2014

Called my cell several times over the past couple of weeks and then they just hang up when I answer. Way to use up my minutes!

30, Dec. 2014

Someone called me from the above number. When I answered, the caller hung up. What a jerk!+

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