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  • Regional statistics: Farmersville, Texas has a population of 491675 that is in a county of 181970 units. The city is in a county that is 848 square miles. 903-225 is available through the regional telephone switch # DLLSTXTA8MD in the Farmersville area.
  • Other cities located around Farmersville: Quinlan (903-224) Texarkana (903-223) Bonham (903-227) Gunter (903-228)
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31, Jan. 2018

blocked this **********number

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21, Sep. 2017

I get a call every day, I will not answer the call, will not leave a message on answering machine!

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13, Aug. 2016

Now these idiots are calling my cell phone. I called hem back this morning using call blocking so they could not get my number and immediately got a recording saying, "Thank you for calling. The survey for which you are calling has now ended." It then said if I press 9, they won't call again. Since I had blocked my number, I knew it wouldn't do any good, so i didn't I won't call again to remove it because I don't wan them to know I called and I doubt if my number would be removed anyway.

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22, Jan. 2016

Today 11/01/2013 I have received 17calls from all over the USA .

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24, Nov. 2015

There were 2 calls on this date.

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30, Dec. 2014

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26, Nov. 2014

continual calls daily. Never leaves a message. I don't answer because others have complained and I don't want them to know I'm home.

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1, Aug. 2013

I placed an ad yesterday, sent me a text with bad grammar as if never graduated from 1st grade. "I saw ur vehicle on, is d ad still valid, get bak 2me on my personal email ( 4further correspondence. David"

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7, Jul. 2013

woke me up and p'st me off.

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3, May. 2013

UGH they call my cell phone with a prerecorded message about 3-5 times a day and I always press 1 so a person comes on the line I ask them to remove my number and they hang up every time!!!! PLEASE HELP.

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16, Mar. 2013

We've been receiving automated phone calls from a company. When I pressed one to connect, I informed the rep I was on the Do Not Call List. She then switched me to a man that answered the phone. Not only are we receiving the unwanted calls now we are subjected to vulgar language. Please put a stop to this. I now know this is a scam to get information from potential victims for ID theft. Thank you for your help.

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11, Nov. 2012

Call back number but no messages allowed

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20, Jul. 2012

They are calling quite frequently.

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17, Jul. 2012

They have called before but this is the most recent.

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11, Jul. 2012

called me at 9:30 AM left no message!

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23, Mar. 2012