Phone: 888-986-8595

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 50% of people reported it as "Scammer"
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kill scammers
7, Jun. 2013

voip let's you limit TIMES when callers are allowed to ring YOUR phone I use voip to AUTOMATICALLY HANGUP on BOTH tollfree callers and callers with invalid caller id (like all zeros) learn to s***w with criminals as sport Most of these scam callers have copied numbers FROM the federal Do Not Call registry to shoot naive/lazy fish in a barrel. _________SOLUTION_____ $1/month + calls (made/received) $0.009/minute legacy-sms capable too ________________________________________ block this type of ABUSING calling behavior by switching to VoIP. Pick a VoIP provider offering __some___ IP-PBX features or run your own IP-PBX instance like free PBX in a Flash VoIP can filter legacy-sms or redirect to your smart mobile via SIP or email pair with an enterprise grade VoIP provider: if you're cretinous or thinking is too taxing prepare to overspend on some handholding: avoid f*cktard voip systems like: google voice, vonage, nettalk, majicjack+, skype -- since your number is on an EVIL list the DoNotCall registry is OBVIOUSLY not protecting you. If I was evil I would USE the DNC reg to call you assuming you had ZERO means to protect your clueless self. DO NOT "port" your current number to VoIP INSTEAD get an all new number and only share it with people you WANT CALLING. Setup a separate number [DID as they're called] to put on medical forms, and anything else you want to swiftly yank the rug out from under; keep your personal number and change the other one when you end up creating "too many" blacklist filters TAKE BACK control of YOUR resources with VoIP + IP-PBX For home (or office) you'll need EITHER an "ATA" or an "IP phone" -- both are PHYSICAL devices (no queeer software) ATA if you need a real-fax (no privacy raping email non-sense): Obihai Obi202 ATA if you have no real-fax needs Obihai OBi101 ATA can plug in to your house (AFTER disconnecting the phone company at "the POST") allowing ALL EXISTING phones to "simply work" ATA can coexist with current (overly expensive) phone company setup allowing you to DIRECTLY connect a phone to it Have fun finding the 'ideal' IP Phone. I recommend Cisco SPA508G or any high end "Polycom" brand" * * * SPEND your money on other more important issues as you'll be PAYING AS LITTLE AS $1/month for the DID (phone number) $0.009/minute for calls $0/setup fee $0/service fees If you neither place nor receive a call in this use case you'll ONLY PAY $1/month Right Opinion on the rest of the world

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roeiz Hussain
3, Jan. 2018

Call me please

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