Phone: 888-565-3305

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 7 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "FBI, Telemarketer"
22, Jun. 2012

Don't answer!

24, Jun. 2012

Called twice on Sunday. No message, just hangs up. Also called several time before. If they won't leave a message, why do they bother to keep calling. I'm not going to answer, Wish I had a spam blocker for phone calls on my phone.

25, Jun. 2012

Keeps calling and asking for Benjamin sellers. I am a girl!! So that's not me and I've had my number for 6 or 7 years!!

6, Jul. 2012

Looking for some Joes Depoters

6, Jul. 2012

I CONSTANTLY get calls from this number. Informed them that i wanted them to remove my numbers from their call lists...they still call, MULTIPLE times per day. Called state attorney general's office, was told they are number 7 on their "Most Wanted Spammers & Most Wanted Do Not Call List Violators". Was given some rather interesting/disturbing ideas by the state AG's office. #1 KEEP A RECORD OF ALL CALLS! DO NOT DELETE THE RECORD OF THEIR CALLS, OR BLANK VOICE MAILS! When they call, KEEP THEM ON THE PHONE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. GET AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE, and turn it over to your state AG's office. If they get enough complaints, they have no choice but to act. #2 Call them back, act interested. KEEP THEM ON THE PHONE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. GET AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE, and turn it over to your state AG's office. If they get enough complaints, they have no choice but to act (the person i spoke with at my state AG's office kept repeating this). #3 If you cannot keep them on the phone when they call, or you cannot get them on the phone when you call them back, or you cannot get any information from them, this proves fraud & harassment through the phone lines, which is a federal offense. Once again, contact your state AG's office, and report them. If they get enough complaints, they have no choice but to act. #4 The first thing they will do is try to get your phone number(s). They use the numbers themselves, and also sell them to others who WILL call you more often than before, with the excuse that you gave them your phone number(s). NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER(s)! If you do, then you have no claim or cause for complaint. #5 OBVIOUSLY this is a scam, and not a legitimate business. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION! Who in their right mind would buy insurance (of any kind), from a random caller or telemarketer? #6 If your numbers are registered with the Do Not Call Registry, report them there as well. Verify that your number is registered at the Do Not Call site, and then fill out the form. There is an online form at their site for just this type of thing. #7 An oldie but a goodie (ala "Seinfeld"). Tell them that you are very interested, but don't have the time to talk, then ask them for their personal number, so you can call them back later. When they say they won't give you their personal number, ask them why. They will tell you something along the lines of "we aren't allowed to take work calls on our personal number", or "i don't want you to call me on my personal number." Tell them you are at work, and can't take personal calls at work, or "now you understand why i don't want you to call me." #8 If all else fails...Call them and ask for a supervisor (there aren't any supervisors, but they will put 'someone' on the phone). Claim that someone from their number called you (pick a time when they did not call you, so that you know they don't have a recording of their own from the time you choose), and say that the person who called sexually harassed you over the phone. Tell them that they wouldn't give you their name (or they gave you a fake name, so make one up), and you recorded the whole thing. Tell them that you are taking the recordings to the police and district attorney/state attorney's office. Even better, say that they sexually harassed your teenage daughter when they called, whether you have children or not. Fight fire with fire. The calls WILL stop. Better yet, keep it legal, and fight them to the finish. You could possibly win a nice sum of $$$$$$.

27, Jul. 2012

I get 8-10 calls a day from this number and have never talked to a person. They are an annoyance because they start around 8 am and have been as late as 10 pm. I just started hitting ignore but no voicemail was left.

29, Jul. 2012

Whenever I answer, it takes 15-20 seconds for them to speak, that's usually when I hang up and they don't call again for a few days, but I'm 15, there is no way they already have info on me and my auto insurance!!!

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