Phone: 888-353-4202

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "E health, Unkown"
5, Aug. 2013

They said they were calling because I had gone to for info. I asked how they got my phone # and she said I must have put it on the web site. I HAD gone to for info, but had NOT put my phone # in. I hope this was a coincidence. Otherwise, it's really creepy.

6, Aug. 2013

I received a call from this number, but the caller hung up when I answered. After reading the previous comment, above, it is likely a call back regarding Medicare supplemental insurance.

27, Aug. 2013

This number calls me over and over. Voicemails are claiming to be from e- health insurance or a rehab center saying I requested information online. I have not! Even if I had done this, why would a legitimate courtesy caller repeatedly harass me like this?

4, Sep. 2013

Some one should find a way to keep on calling this number continuously so that they pay for the 888 number use.That way they also pay a price. 888 number is not free.

5, Sep. 2013

I received 6 calls from this number today from 8:59am-5:08pm. This is ridiculous. I sleep during the day but I wouldn\'t answer it anyway if I don\'t know who it is. But 6 times in ONE day? That is harrassment!! and of course they don\'t leave a msg.. If I want information, I will call them or whoever I need to call, they don\'t need to call me about anything.....they don\'t know me and I don\'t know them. So People - BUG OFF!!

17, Sep. 2013

This is E-Health if you signed up for a medicare health plan to change your provider or you are searching for a provider for health insurance for you or your family for Obamacare's law that everyone must have insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty, this is a broker that is calling you.. you filled out a form asking them to contact you

17, Sep. 2013

E-Health Broker Service to help you find affordable medical insurance

2, Oct. 2013

I keep getting calls from 888-353-4202 I am on the no call list and they must have called me 6 times today alone. When I said hello no one was there. I did look at the Med Gov page just today but I did not put in any info at all. So how did they get my number?

10, Oct. 2013

This number keeps calling our cell phone which we DO NOT give out. I have added to reject list. I know of two times they called and the phone lost all of its charge. Seems like somehow they unleashed a virus to kill our phone. Any thoughts?

17, Nov. 2013

just filled out a request for medical coverage not 10 mins ago. Phone rang saw 888 didn\'t answer, will see what happens

28, Jan. 2014

This number repeatedly calls my cell every 30-minutes....I never say hello and it hangs up. Whatever monitoring federal/local agency there is should monitor this number and should make them identify themselves when calling or leave a message.

19, Feb. 2014

This is a 3rd party telemarketer. They get paid by the number of "hot" calls they give to e-health agents. They receive a small fee for the number of "cold" calls they make.

18, Mar. 2014

Telemarketer? Scam? I just got a phone and number from straight talk at walmart yesterday jd got a call this morning from this number. I didn't answer. But I called back and it was a recording for e health? I wonder if straight talk sold my number after I got it last night? Anyone else have strait talk and got a call from this number?

4, Jun. 2014

The caller identified his call from "help medicare." He asked specifically for me by name. I hung up. We get similar calls often.

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