Area Code 878

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Area code: 878
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
5, Mar. 2017

It's a recording (telemarketing) - that doesn't mention the name of the company. only that I won a competition. They've called twice today, and it's only 11AM.

17, Feb. 2017

This outfit calls regularly trying to get into my credit cards by offering a lower interest rate.

14, Feb. 2017

today I answered and some guy with an indian accent said he was with medicare?

12, Feb. 2017

criminal fraud harrassment

19, Dec. 2016

They have called 6 times even after telling them that I work night shift and I want taken off of the calling list.

15, Dec. 2016

This is the customer service line for Canadian Pharmacy.

29, Nov. 2016

Called multiple times. Caller identified herself as "Charlie.

25, Nov. 2016

The same experience as above comments, I hope somebody could take action to stop them... very annoying, I hate unsolicited calls.

12, Nov. 2016

I have told them on the phone and via voicemail to stop calling me.

21, Oct. 2016

I feel this was a scam call and since our # is on the do not call list an has been since 2010 I feel they should be fined.

19, Oct. 2016

The call from this number has been recurrent.

John of Lower Merion
11, Oct. 2016

(878) 205-1021 Robo call recorded 11 October 2016 ("Alice Jacobs", automated voice recognition call soliciting donations for The Pro-Life Committee, SCAM) Caller ID: Connellsvill[e] PA I've actually waited over a year to record a call from this organization. They've called in the past and their screening consists of the question "Are you pro-life, pro-choice, or somewhere in between?" and I guessed wrong so they terminate the call. They're looking for pro-lifers to solicit a donation. Then "NoMoRobo" intercepted and blocked their calls, so it wasn't until today that they just happened to call while I had NoMoRobo disabled. A few years ago you could "play" with these automated voice recognition spam callers but over the past couple of years they've "tightened up their programmed responses and you can't put them into "loops" anymore, and they're quick to terminate the call if their programming "thinks" you're not cooperating with the question voice. So for this call I played it straight and answered their questions, thinking I'd get a live person who would ask me for a credit card donation, but I was wrong. The guided automated voice queried me for my name and address to send me a pledge form that I could return with a donation. So it gave me great pleasure to provide a false name and address to waste their time and postage, and when the pledge form goes back to them with an invalid address, they'll waste more time calling me back when I give them an invalid credit card or two or three and make them wonder why it doesn't work. Do I feel bad about doing this? No! Typically, professional fundraisers keep 85% or more of the donations as their fee, giving only 10% to 15% (or less) to the charity. That's just too inefficient, in my opinion. Not only do I not want to donate to an organization who relies on that level of inefficiency, I feel obligated to add to that inefficency by giving them a hard time and causing them to spend extra money on postage and waste time calling me back to see if I will donate by a credit card, which allows me to waste even more of their time by using fake information (courtesy of I didn't want their call in the first place, I signed up for the Government "Do Not Call" list. What? They're exempt? Perhaps they are, but I feel they have a moral obligation not to call those who have taken the trouble to sign up for Do Not Call. And think about this. Why would they intentionally call somebody who they know in advance doesn't welcome a call from them? What's wrong with these greedy SOBs? They deserve far worse than I dish out. Thanks to Google Voice, here is a transcript of their automated, voice recognition screening and donation solicitation call: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [me:] Hello? (electronic beep heard) Hello? [they:] Hello, this is Alice Jacobs, how are you today? [me:] I am fine, Alice Jacobs. [they:] I'm with the Pro-Life Committee and we're dedicated to saving unborn babies from abortion. Now are you pro life, pro choice, or somewhere in between? [me:] Pro life. [they:] It's an honor to speak with you, thank you. Um now we're trying to reach every pro life household with a very important message uh because in the United States alone over three thousand babies are dying every single day from abortion and that's more than a million deaths every year. There is good news, though. Now the Pro-Life Committee is working to save these babies. Um it's because of our educational and our political efforts many precious babies have been saved uh it's only with the prayers and the support of friends like you that our efforts are even possible, so we're asking, if we were to send you a letter in the mail, would you help us to continue the battle for life with a special one-time gift of $75 or $100? . [me:] Yes. [they:] What with your permission may I put you down for a gift of $100. [me:] Yes. [they:] Fantastic. Now are you 100% comfortable in sending that donation in, in the next two to three weeks? [me:] Yes. [they:] Great. So I just need to check your address so we can send that letter out to you. Um could you please tell me your mailing address? [I provide fake name and address information courtesy of <A HREF=""></A>] [they:] ...ok, and your preferred title is "mister"? [me:] Yes. [they:] Fantastic. So please be looking for your letter in the mail within the next few days. Uh there is a telephone printed on the outside of the envelope. Please use the return envelope enclosed to send in your pledge to the Pro-Life Committee. And I just need to remind you that this call has been paid for by The National Campaign and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee um and we're on the web at the Thank you so much for your support. God bless you. Good bye. [me:] Good bye. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Google Voice ( ) you can hear this recorded call on my Spam Calls web page: Signup for your own free Google Voice account at and avoid telephone call spam

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