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Phone number: 877-844-0641

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i am getting calls from this number every two days. i have been ignoring them but it's keep very frustrating.

Reported 20, Jun. 2012.

The number belongs to Rogers Wireless

Reported 26, Jun. 2012.

I recently upgraded my cell phone. This woman said she was calling from Rogers Wireless and she wanted to verify my services. In order to do so, she said she needed my home address. I told her she should already have that on file. I asked her why the call was long distance? She said that was a good question. She was calling from Ohio, USA. I asked her how I could verify she was who she was and she gave me another phone number to call back - 877-365-0641. She said I could speak to anyone at that number. Because the number is probably also in Ohio and long distance for me, I did not call back. I don't like giving any personal information over the phone. How else can I tell if this call is legitimate or not?

Reported 31, Jul. 2012.

Keep on calling, i do not answer. Does not leave messages on voicemail.

Reported 11, Oct. 2012.

It's Rogers wireless calling you soon after you have upgraded your phone. Note to writer above 1-877 is toll free so you wouldn't get charged for long distance.

Reported 13, Oct. 2012.

I've been getting calls from this number. Doesn't leave a message.

Reported 14, Dec. 2012.

this # has been calling frequently ,but not answered as they don't wish to say whom the are if they are actually representing Rogers then they should say so we have pay as you go don't owe anything to them , so they must be wanting to sell their service so their earning increase, we just had letters to entice upgrading so why all these calls. They are wasting my time and theirs.

Reported 21, Dec. 2012.

Just upgrade the phone and plan with Rogers over customer service. Got this call after a week. She said she wants to review my phone plan. I just confirmed everything with Rogers a week ago. Why do I need a review? Wasting my time. I said I was business then the next day, she called again. Ignore the call, then it will stop for a while.

Reported 27, Feb. 2013.

Annoying repeated calls wanting to upgrade services after purchasing a new phone. Calling me for almost 3 weeks. Maybe if I ask for a bill adjustment they will stop calling!

Reported 28, Feb. 2013.

I've been getting calls from this number daily for the last week. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize so I have yet to answer. They can keep calling... I'll just keep ignoring ;)

Reported 25, Apr. 2013.

This is fraud do not give out info. Call police.

Reported 10, May. 2013.

this number has called me twice since I upgraded my phone but I don't answer calls from places ive never been or don't kno anyone from there, its showsup on my phone that this number is from the united states, I just ignore the call but it would be nice when u put ur number on the do not call list if they actually did something about it.

Reported 23, May. 2013.
Nguyen T

This number has been caling me everyday for the past week now. i have just recently upgraded my hardware to galaxy s4. i never picked up because the caller ID says United States... but today i picked up, and got a robo responds, so i hung up right away. Please make this stop. Thanks!

Reported 31, May. 2013.

1(877) 844-0641 Y so sketchy?

Reported 14, Jun. 2013.

they call and no caller id, no vm left unsure what they want,

Reported 20, Jun. 2013.

Make them stop!!!!!!!!!

Reported 8, Aug. 2013.

I have texted the number asking them to stop calling and to take me off their list, yet they KEEP calling. How do i make them stop????

Reported 31, Jan. 2014.

I am really pissed with them calling me everyday.Thinking of switchung to TELUS,

Reported 8, Feb. 2014.
JC Delisle

People from Rogers are calling my cell phone regularly but they are not nice enough to identify themselves and leave a message. It is only this morning that I found it was Rogers calling. I never pick calls from 800 numbers to avoid telemarketing buggers. Could you please indicate to the group that does these calls to be kind enough to leave a message before I put the number in the blocked numbers and send complaint to consumer protection for harassment? Thanks, JC

Reported 19, Feb. 2014.
Harold Jackson

Left no message and no identity. Hope I don't answer if I get called again because my normal practice is not to answer a call when identity is unknown.

Reported 12, Mar. 2014.

Never answer security questions / or give out personal info when they call you. You should initiate the call to the official Rogers number and they'll tell you what (if) they're calling you for.

Reported 23, Mar. 2014.

I have no idea why they keep calling, I has an upgrade with rogers too but they have already talked to me about that so why they keep calling is beyond me

Reported 23, Apr. 2014.

Caller showed up on phone as "Anonymous". Right there's my policy Do Not Answer. If it was a relative/friend in trouble, they'd leave a msg. A lot of people get annoyed with these kinds of calls - try this - say you 'accidently' answered one of these calls, you get a human on the other end, they begin to ask a lot of questions, interrupt them by saying something like 'you have something on the stove, could they wait a second?', put your phone on 'mute' and leave them 'hanging on/waiting'. Don't worry about missing another call in the mean time - you should have 'call waiting' in your plan, so you shouldn't have to deal with them that time again. do this for any other BS caller. they annoyed you annoy them!

Reported 26, Apr. 2014.
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