Phone: 877-730-5704

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 38% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "877-730-5704, Don't know"
25, Oct. 2013

Recording that says they need a statement for a pending legal matter. Then gets transferred and they try to collect money on bogus debts using threats. It's a BIg SCAM. Do not give them ANY information

25, Oct. 2013

Party has called several times for someone else saying it's an important legal matter and gave an account number. This was a recording.

25, Oct. 2013

They called my family n left a voicemail gelling them it was for regarding collecting a debt. I was scammed b4 luckily I got my money back but at least I was aware of what they were trying to do. I called them back n played their game for a minute,n told them how pathetic they were. This woman started cussing me out. Real professional huh. DONT FEED INTO IT. THIS IS A SCAM!

11, Nov. 2013

says they're looking for person who was the previous owner of my phone number, and want money. I told them I was recording the call to report them to FTC, they hung up. They keep calling. IF anyone knows who they are, please post names and address's.

on to them
26, Nov. 2013

If you get a call from this number, a patricia malki, or from 877-730-5704 they are SCAMMERS!!! Report these types of calls to the FTC. Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice and put an end to unfair and misleading business practices. If you have a complaint, file it online or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

29, Nov. 2013

call all the time, and also before 9:00 a.m which is illegal, and call several times a day. never a real person just automated c**p

30, Nov. 2013

they are a bunch of scammers claiming to be collecting on pay day loans. do not pay them tell them where to go

19, Dec. 2013

This number has called since August I have reported them to attorney generals office, filed complaints online. I have call blocker on my phone now. I also have all there recorded messages. Threatening the same thing over and over to file with my county. I have not received any papers. And i have reported them to Better Business Bureau. no one is getting my account info and they wont give you there info. Scammers.

26, Dec. 2013

They keep calling my work place asking for someone who hasn't worked for us in two years. After telling them the person no longer works for us they start with the threats and even had a women call me numerous times one day over and over because I was rude to her. They refuse to quit calling our business, they really need to be stopped. Please do your part and report them to the FTC.

19, Feb. 2014

So far have have called my cell phone only once per day or every other day. I don't bother answering and they don't bother leaving a message. If the calls were from a legitimate collection agency, they would be calling many times per day, leaving messages, calling my house, writing letters, etc. So far nothing other than the infrequent calls. I do not owe any debts and can only assume they either have the wrong number or are trying to scam me. If it is for something legitimate, I would welcome them to let me know why they are callingme.

27, Feb. 2014

They keep calling...why? I haven't submitted my number to anything or anyone, short of college applications. I don't even have a job. From the other comments, yes, I'm aware that this is probably a scam, but d**n is it annoying! Why can't they just leave me alone?

19, Mar. 2014

My brother just informed me that this person called and told him they had legal matters to discuss and they needed a statement from him for court and gave him an account number but the debt they were calling about was $200!! This is ridiculous and i told him this is a scam and to not answer ever again!! Has anyone else ever gotten an account number from them? Im just curious what it is or if it compares to the one they gave him! DO NOT ANSWER THIS PERSONS CALL!!!

4, Apr. 2014

I didn't answer and they left no message. This started about a week ago,and they call 2 or 3 times a day. I just don't answer but it's getting to be annoying

14, Apr. 2014

877-730-5704 - stop this idiot by sending him a fax and setting the fax machine to redial as many times as possible. If enough people do this it will tie up the phone 24-7.

25, Apr. 2014

877-730-5704 need to quit calling folks.....They are a scam outfit and should be stopped.

5, May. 2014

I have had message after message left by whomever it is. But they never state the name of the business only that they need some type of statement. I never heard of such a thing and I refuse to give out my information to strangers.

5, May. 2014

I am hoping to get a news station to do a story on this fraudulent group. I have their conversations recorded and although at one point I told them they were being recorded they proceeded to shout right over me. All I can say is "Good luck and have a nice day NCS"

Legal Secretary
7, May. 2014

These low life bottom feeders use so many numbers, change their names, spoof ID numbers on phones, and never give their real name. This is a clue that they ARE NOT LEGIT! Like the Lawyer who signed in and reported, DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING! Here's the lay of the land as they say, I work in the court system so I will go thru this for you . First they are calling because they say they can not find you, or want you to verify who you are. Ok they called you, they claim they know the person who owes this debt, but yet they need to verify? They need your statement? Only police can ask for your statement, and that's only if your involved in a crime. PAY ATTENTIION: The sheriff, will NEVER, EVER call you to tell you they are coming. They live to work on the element of surprise. Plus if your township, county etc, wants you, they already know where you are, so sit tight. Second, and most important, NEVER CALL these low life bottom feeders back. Because truth be known they don't care who they talk to as long as they can get money from someone. It doesn't even have to be the right person. If you call them back then they know that they have a real tangible working phone number that they can call to harass you all the time of day and night. Just ignore the call, or better yet, tag them as a spam call in your phone, and you'll never even see them ring it. Third, these people function and live on the *Fear factor* they will say anything, tell you anything to get you to give them the money thru your checking account, debit card or credit card. Many people get scammed this way. I've heard : coming to your workplace to arrest you, serving you in the morning if you don't call by a certain time, attaching your salary, etc, etc, this is all nothing but a c**p scare tactic. Fourth, in most states payday loans are ILLEGAL as they charge obnoxious interest, and states are trying desperately to control that. Since I'm not sure of what state anyone is in, I cannot site them all here, but if you go to your states attorney general page, you should be able to look up the laws, again I will add these types are loans are ILLEGIAL. Illegial to do, collect on etc, etc. Fifth, I know it sounds nice to send them a letter or report them, but this is a futile. They have got this to a science. With all that is going on in court system they know they have time on their side. Not enough of these low life bottom feeders get caught and prosecuted, if they did...they wouldn't still be in business, but they are, thousands of them. Lastly, anyone who posts that you are scum or a deadbeat PAY YOUR BILLS , OR OMG they came to my place of work and arrested me, are full of c**p and are just trying to SCARE you, SEE MY THIRD NOTE Above, Fear factor. Best thing to do in this case, especially with these people is TO IGNORE. Eventually when no one engages with them they will go away to torment someone else. Hope this helps you all out. One who knows.

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