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Phone number: 877-331-4052

The number is a Toll Free number

Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"

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Latest people reported the number as that of "Easy Rest Beds, Rebecca"

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I put unknown for the reason cause it could be a scam or telemarketing. They try to sell me an adjustable bed. Told them due to medical reasons I would not buy one and she persisted to push and want to know what medical issue I had and why I would not want the bed. I finally told her I want my number taking off their list and hung up

Reported 26, Mar. 2013.

I have found that when a caller calls persistently but never leaves a message, the next call I get from them, I pick up the phone and scream as loud as I can for as long as I can. Being a woman helps because you can scream/screech and you will generally hear them hand up the phone. To think they can call toll free is appalling.

Reported 10, Oct. 2013.

repeated calls from this number. I do not answer I am on a no call list, and should not be receiving unwanted calls. To reject unidentified names and numbers, my phone service requires a call to them by pressing star 77. I've done this but still receives a call from 877-331-4052.

Reported 2, Jun. 2014.

I have been getting calls from this number daily. I am unable to answer calls during the day (due to being at work) & a message is NEVER left. Easy decision for me - if the call isn't important enough to leave me a message, about, you don't have to bother to continue to call. In fact I will make this even easier & block all future calls.

Reported 21, Aug. 2014.

This is a robot call from Easy Rest Beds. www.easyrest.com Call 1-800-677-8200 and tell them to leave you alone. They will remove your number from their list (in 24-48 hours!) I told them I'm on the Do Not Call list and I do not want to be bothered by them, not interested in their products, and stop calling me.

Reported 11, Sep. 2014.

I answer the call and there is no response. Found the information to contact them on this site, thanks to A.M. The number A.M. posted is:1-800-677-8200. I tried it and It works! Thanks for spreading the information- Keep up the good work.

Reported 11, Sep. 2014.

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