Area Code 870

Additional information:

Area code: 870
State: Arkansas
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2018

Recorded message when dialed back asking if you want to be removed.

21, Jun. 2018

I am not sure where they got my phone number.

21, Jun. 2018

This number is calling me repeatedly: 1/23: 1030am, 11am 1/26: 9am 1/27: 9am, 11am, 1122am, 1230pm And again this morning.

21, Jun. 2018

These people have been calling me for almost 12 months on and off.

20, Jun. 2018

for the past two years.

15, Jun. 2018

I advised them of this and asked they do not call anymore numerous times.

14, Jun. 2018

I did not recognise the number, so I answered as if this were a radio station. They did not want to talk to my radio station...ha

13, Jun. 2018

Texted me a scam link. Don’t trust

13, Jun. 2018

Constantly calls, no specific time or day; never leaves a message. This has been going on for a couple of months. Have no idea who the caller is or what they want. I just know that I'm not going to answer a call from this number as I don't answer calls from telephone numbers that I don't know, but more specifically, that don't EVER leave a message for me to decide if I want to return I did not solicit (ANY) unwanted calls.

11, Jun. 2018

Please help me stop this harassment.

10, Jun. 2018

My answering machine picks the call up but there is never a message left.

8, Jun. 2018

he is doing the same thing to me.. just called me 3 days ago. glad i looked up his number

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