Phone: 866-996-5997

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 78% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "CID jm kingston, Jon Cooper"
21, Aug. 2013

He said that I had won a car and 2.5 million dollars. I had to buy a green dot card that cost $100.00 and call and give him the number off the card. They would bring it to me the same day. they called from 876 847 2628 and I would call them back at 866 996 5997.

17, Sep. 2013

The first call came from 253-216-4064 and the caller said he was calling from the Treasury Dept. On returning the call to that number, I got a voice mail message from Mr. Goodman. Immediately after hanging up he called and congratulated me for winning a money prized. He then gave me the 800-006-5997 and a PIN number to call and get the info on how to receive my prize. I then goggled the 866 number and saw that it was a scam

21, Oct. 2013

These guys have been calling me for 3 years- Since I went to Jamaica on my honeymoon in October of 2010! It seems like they call every couple of months and hit redial as many times as they feel like it. I have a few different tactics to use on them... One of which is an air horn. (This one seems to buy me a little longer of a reprieve between calls.)

26, Nov. 2013

I rec'd a call from 1-876-541-1360 and the gentleman introduced himself as David Goodman. He told me that I had won $800,000 and a Mercedes--and I was the second place winner. All I had to do was call back 866-996-5997 and provide the PIN number that he gave me. When I didn't follow through--I rec'd another call from the initial number but I didn't answer it.

13, Feb. 2014

They called and told me I had won the PCH 1.5 million dollars and I would call this no. and verify and then call 876-503-4545 and give them the last 6 no of my telephone. I even ask where was the van and balloons and he said as soon as I did all this they would deliver my check. This is fraud. My daughter looked up the no. on internet and said it was a scam.Rich for a moment!!

9, Jul. 2015

Oh no! They're at it again! What a pain...poor English, and when I hung up on her, she called me back. Unfortunately, they learned to block their caller ID, so I could not put that number on my blocked numbers list. I guess I'll have to see if they call back again.

12, Aug. 2015

HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THIS ONE!!!! Just got this call from 876-398-3386, David Baxter out of Las Vegas, says I won $$$ (really rude, but I'm acting stupid & hard of hearing). David tells me to call 866-996-5997 and put in code 872223. David has a Caribbean accent and says he is calling from a roaming number. It was less than a minute when David called back, I said "I thought you was calling back in 5 minutes!" He says "no, no, I says I would call back", I says "I didn't call yet" he says "okay call I'll call back" So within 5 minutes David calls back, I tell him I called the number (I didn't). He tells me the money is in a "nearby" Swiss Bank, they've paid 99% of fees I need to pay $99. That's when I say, "Did I tell you I'm retired? Yep, retired from the FBI(didn't say I was an agent, that would get me in trouble), called a friend at the agency, they should have your location. Can you stay on just a bit longer should hear a ring in a moment to tell me they got you." David says something, then tone. Hahahaha! It was great fun scamming the scammers. They called back on an unavailable number, didn't answer. Putting number into my block list. Hahahaha, hahahaha !!!!!!

25, Aug. 2015

Said I won Mercedes and 850,000 then I knew something was up when he wanted me to get him 400 dollars for fees no way red flag for me and are using publishers clearing house as there bait on the phone when talking to you they need to get a real job and stop trying to scam people out of there little bit of money.

9, Sep. 2015

I could barely understand this guy but he told me I had won 3 million dollars from PCH. I sensed right away he was not legit, but listened to him ramble and kept saying OK. Finally he asked if I am a Christian, then he said God was blessing me and wanted me to give 1% of my winnings to (could not understand.) I finally hung up. This same # kept calling back and I have blocked it. Sad, because some people are going to believe him.... if they can understand what he is saying.

15, Oct. 2015

I received a "restricted" call on my cell phone. A man saying that his name was John James from PCH said that I had won 2.5 million dollars. He needed to set up delivery of prize. He had some interesting facts, including where my mail would be routed from (I live in a rural town and all mail comes through a larger town about 100 miles away.) He knew that towns name. Anyway-he could tell that I wasn't buying into it and insisted that I call 866-996-5997 to verify that he was indeed legit and then to call him back at 215-693-4647 or 816-281-3116 so that we could complete the process. when you call the 866 number it asks you to enter your confirmation code. The recording informs you that you are a winner. Btw-when I entered a random number-the recording still informed me I was a winner.

27, Nov. 2015

I will be looking for this person.I did ping them a few times.So I do have a location.I hope they have insurance,because it will be needed.

23, Dec. 2015

the guy said was with PCH and I had won $2.5 Million and a 2016 mercedes. Gave a pkg # ticket # was last 4 of my ph# (I was to supply that but just said "last 4 of my #" when he had me read it back. Sec code was EB 616 etc ..... call 866-966-5597 and give WU mo # and they would deliver that day. Yeah Right! He called me 2 times due to bad reception. (chuckle) # came up from Kingston Jamaica both times. I asked about that and he replied that they are roaming and was actually in NY. Told him this came up as a scam # and his reply was.. We use this area code on purpose as it comes from a scam area and you would know PCH is not a scam. When I told him that made no sense whatsoever he hung up. LOL

5, Jan. 2016

This guy said he was from PCH and I had won 2.5 million and a car, gave me a winning conf # and told me to call it right away.

18, Jan. 2016

called me from a fake CID 1-876-883-3423 same scam as above posts I live in Halifax Nova Scotia canada

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