Phone: 866-931-0808

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 37% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 8 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Wanker, bill"
8, Aug. 2012

10, Aug. 2012

Will call and not leave a message.

10, Aug. 2012

called and did't say anything

17, Aug. 2012

Called Thurs, I missed the call at this number. Then they called again later on and it was restricted. Also getting random calls to the house at various numbers the past few days as late as 9pm..they say nothing when u answer.

14, Sep. 2012

he called me when i wasn`t in my home and my phone was in my home.

4, Oct. 2012

I called the number back, I received a computer response saying thanks for calling All State....

4, Oct. 2012

i answered and it was allstate

11, Oct. 2012

Was allstate ins. Asked the guy to remove me and he said he want to save me money. To which i replied "hey do i come down to your job and smack the dicks out of your mouth?". He grunted and hung up. No calls since.

12, Oct. 2012

A scan number. called my cell at 9pm. I told the person that I was going to "F*** her till she bleeds to death" and hung up. I have a girl screaming on the background; watching p**n lol

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