Phone: 866-765-5097

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The number is a Toll Free number
Around 47% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
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27, Jun. 2012

These people are scammers. I applied for a payday loan thru their site and they used my information to put thru a check to my bank account. I did not ask them to do that and they told me that it would take 15 days to get the $ back or they could send me a $100 cash voucher for prouducts instead. DO NOT USE THIS SITE OR ENTER YOUR INFORMATIO!! YOU WILL BE SORRY

28, Jun. 2012

Shows up as a draft against your bank/checking account for $30.00 (unauthorized).

6, Jul. 2012

This number came from a company called Loan Assistance Co. They drafted a check against my account for $30. When i called the number listed on the check (866-765-5097), they stated that they will NOT refund my money and i should go to When you attempt to go to that site; it comes up as a fraudulent site, not trusted by your computer and the security certificate is invalid. Do NOT trust them or that site. I have reported it to my bank and i encourage others to do the same to let the banks know it is not isolated events and we are having money taken from us unscrupulously. I wish you the best!

9, Jul. 2012

they go on your bankaccount and take 30.00 for assistance. nobody assisted with a loan. this is not a loancompany, they say, they will hook you up. please be careful its is a sham . i called them, talked to a lady we will see is they return the 30.00 to my bankaccount..

25, Jul. 2012

Applied for a loan, but not through them. Got my info sold. Never authorized a draft. Stole $30 from me. Jerks. Ought to be in prison.

8, Aug. 2012

I checked my account this morning and 30 dollars had been drafted out of my account without my consent. Tried to reach that number because it was on the bank draft and could not get through. I called my bank and they immediately refunded my money. Thanks Wells Fargo. This number and site is a scam.

17, Aug. 2012

They did the same thing to me today :(

27, Aug. 2012

I called the loan company I used, and they said call homeland security and report them.

30, Aug. 2012

This company withdrawled thirdty dollars from my account without authorization!!!!

27, Sep. 2012

They took $30 from my account without my authorization. After learning about it I called them for them to refund my money, they said it would take 15 business days until I get my refund. This was since July 25th, we are in September and I have still to receive my refund, and whenever I call they keep saying that the money would be in by the end of the work week, and you can not speak to anyone in accounting. We are a few days away from October and I still have not received my refund.

Chris A
27, Sep. 2012

Took 30.00 into my account and ran! scam scam scam!!

Tim M
3, Oct. 2012

Found they had drafted a check that looked authentic from Regions and deposited it. Contacted my bank and am disputing the charges. Had to start a new account as well. I encourage everyone to call the number and threaten to kill the person on the other end, their response is entertaining, to say the least.

pissed off
11, Oct. 2012

i swear if i catch one of these fuckers

very upset
25, Oct. 2012

This just happened to us, i checked bank account to see if husbands check was deposited and 30.00 was drafted by a check we never authorized. Going to call them in the morning and also talk to bank. Will be pressing charges if money not returned asap. We never got a phone call. I have no idea how they got bank info.

29, Oct. 2012

THIS COMPANY IS FRAUD IM CALLING THE POLICE DEPT AND REPORTING TO BBB. I didn\'t even apply for a loan that is sad someone will come in your account and still your money I have kids to feed i LIVE ON A BUGET. IF YOU LIVE IN LAS VEGAS THEIR ADDRESS IS 2780 S JONES BLVD, #3675, LAS VEGAS NV 89146 THAT IS WHAT THEY GAVE ME SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK IT OUT

27, Nov. 2012

Just checked my bank account and seen a check that was deposited for $30 showing Loan Assistance. Luckily, my check has not been deposited yet and it was returned..However my bank charged me the returned check fee. I applied for a payday loan about 2 months ago from a completely different company and have no idea what this is from!!!! Gonna try to call in the morning to get in touch with someone or at least report it to my bank as fraud!!!

4, Jan. 2013

loan assistan company got me this morning for that same 30.oo never ever talked to this creeps tried to call but never got through =( now I have to go to the bank and change my account what a big mess !!!!!!!

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