Area Code 864

Additional information:

Area code: 864
State: South Carolina
Country: USA
26, May. 2017

They left a message.

26, May. 2017

I've registered my number months ago and still get phone call calls from all types of businesses trying to sell me something!

26, May. 2017

The other numbers that called with the exact same message are 802-503-1435, 775-800-7054, 786-345-1584.

24, May. 2017

If you hang up, they call back.

24, May. 2017

Probable low payout or scam charity. Unrated by Charity Navigator, Several complaints on 800notes.

24, May. 2017

Received a call from the IRS stating I did not pay property taxes and I have a warrant out for my arrest,good one since my property taxes are included with my mortgage

23, May. 2017

I did not answer the call since I did not know who was calling me.

17, May. 2017

I received the same recording saying there was a warrant out for my arrest by the IRS. NOTE: The IRS does not make phone calls! They write letters.

17, May. 2017

Received the call from "the office of Sarah Johnson of the FBI" regarding final notification against me and my arrest is happening soon. Seriously!!! big time scammers. Reporting it the the FBI fraud department.

16, May. 2017

Exactly the same call I had today. Exactly!

16, May. 2017

This call was from someone with a very strong accent and I could not understand them, but they were speaking English.

16, May. 2017

They called back today.

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