Area Code 860

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Area code: 860
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
20, Oct. 2017

Says I have supply charges on my electric account. I don't have an electric account in my name. Blocking the call.

20, Oct. 2017

its an electric company, they hang up in your face, even when you tell them to take them off the calling list

20, Oct. 2017

Number has called 3 times in 24 hours, including twice in middle of night.

20, Oct. 2017

The same guy has been calling us all day long giving different names and saying he's from State Farm and UPS and whatnot. Just hang up on this guy. Don't let him waste your time. He even had the gall to try to make me feel bad about hanging up on him. I guess he didn't like being called a liar.

20, Oct. 2017

I already filed a complaint This telemarker is calling every day at 3:00pm offering coupons if an account is open with them.

20, Oct. 2017

When they call they're condescending, rude and laughing at the person, elderly or not.

20, Oct. 2017

They called my number at 11:00 pm eastern time and hung up after two rings - just long enough to make us panic. No message left. Very angry about this. Number blocked!

20, Oct. 2017

They ask for the marketing department and when I ask them what they want they just hang up.

19, Oct. 2017

Hoe services

19, Oct. 2017

Scam Call: Whomever used this number just pulled the "Grandma I am out of state and in jail and need bail money, I was involved in a DUI, please don't tell anyone" on my 80 year old mother, she sent them $2,640........ then had this number as the call back number of a Public Defender named Steven Harper.

19, Oct. 2017

This number calls three or four times a day. Sometimes until 9:00 pm. We don’t answer if we don’t know who is calling. Wish they would just knock it off!

19, Oct. 2017

scam calls every day

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