Phone: 860-531-3080

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Colchester, Connecticut
Its exchange 531 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number SMFRCTPUDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 38% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "breast cancer, Breast Cancer Society"
8, Apr. 2013

Solicitor of some sort. Asks for my father, but when I ask, "Who's calling" ... or "Can I take a message" ... they either won't say, get snippy, or just hang up. FYI - He's deceased.

19, Apr. 2013

Called in spite of being on the DNC registry. When we asked them to remove us from their call list, they hung up with no response. Just reminds us that we probably shouldn't bother showing courtesy to them when they call.

19, Apr. 2013

One more note - they also used a tactic to ask for another person, and then said, "Oh, I have the right number, but the wrong name..." and then started to ask for whatever they wanted. Similar ploy as others have stated on hear (asking for their father by name).

8, May. 2013

caller asked for my husband, but then said they could talk to me. Said they were a charity collecting for ACS and spoke about breast cancer. So I asked are they the American Cancer Society, the woman paused and then said "oh I understand,......... forget it" and hung up. sounds like a scam yo me.

24, May. 2013

Caller asked for a donation of a minimum of 20 dollars towards uninsured diagnosed breast cancer and such patients/women . I told her to send me the information and I would research their organization and then make a decision if I want to donate or not. I told her that I am not giving money to a stranger on the phone. She said "I understand" and hung up on me without mailing me any package. Sounds like a scam... beware! I also asked her how did she get my phone number and she said a nationwide broker.

7, Jun. 2013

Called 10 a.m., person asking for "the lady of the house." When I asked who was calling, she faltered, then an automated voice said it was "Amanda." Again asked for "the lady of the house." I said I wasn't sure what she meant by that and she said she could actually talk to "either one of (you)." I asked what this was in reference to and she said she was Amanda, with a group which helped women with diagnosed breast cancer who had no insurance. If they sent a card to my address, would I please give a small donation? I said no. To give a donation I'd have to research the group to verify that they weren't involved with the Komen Foundation or Planned Parenthood. As soon as I said "Komen," she actually started to laugh. I said not to call me again, hung up and she was still laughing. Tells you a lot right there.

7, Jul. 2013

We're on the DNC Registry and after informing the caller of this their response was they have no way of knowing that and hung up on me!

26, Oct. 2013

Caller ID said Breast Center. I assumed it was my breast center, not a solicitor. She asked for me by name. She asked for a donation for women struggling with breast cancer. When I told her I was one of those women, and I run a fund in my workplace, she did not acknowledge my situation, only asked that I find a way to donate to her charity as well. When I snapped at her and repeated my condition, she said 'Have a nice day' and hung up. I am on a Do Not Call list, so I am suspicious about this call, and that the caller knew my name.

30, Oct. 2013

I actually did send a donation in spite of my misgivings after reading some of the posts. I asked them to send me a voucher of some sort so I could send a check. I got the voucher and mailed the check within one day of receiving it. I have gotten 10 telephone calls since then, none of which I have answered. I assume they have not received my check yet and are relentlessly calling about it. I will NEVER donate to this charity again.

19, Dec. 2013

Getting unsolicited and annoying calls from 860-531-3080 despite being on do not call registry.

7, Mar. 2014


7, Mar. 2014

7, Mar. 2014

7, Mar. 2014


7, Mar. 2014

7, Mar. 2014

7, Mar. 2014


26, Mar. 2014

Asked for money for struggling women with breast cancer. I advised her that I do not donate thru telemarketers. She then started screaming at me calling me all kinds of names for not caring about these poor women. I hung up on her. They continue to call daily. Thank goodness for caller ID.

26, Jun. 2014

Dishonest fundraiser. They started by saying they were so happy to have finally reached me (actually their first attempt). They're so busy reading the script that you have to scream "STOP" at them before (a paragraph or later) they stop the script and say a word or two and then resume the script. Being on the do-not-call list doesn't help.

6, Oct. 2014

Asked for donation for uninsured women. Told her I was uninsured and had breast cancer and she still asked that I try to donate! When I asked how I could apply for assistance, she hung up.

18, Nov. 2014

I got a call from a vivacious young woman who told me she was "so happy she finally got in touch with me." I was really taken back, and just listened as she rapidly told me she was collecting for women with breast cancer in financial need--not mentioning the name of the charity. I told to mail me some information, and I would take a look at it. She told me that I needed to talk to her supervisor, who sounded suspiciously like her, and I asked her to send it in the name of my business. At that point, she told me that they only collect from individuals and hung up. Seriously?

28, Jan. 2015

Soliciting a donation. Some people don't realize that the Do Not Call list only protects you from businesses, not charities. You have to tell each individual charity to remove your number from their list and then they are required to do so. I have written my legislators every year asking they please include charities in the DNC rules.

2, Feb. 2015

Getting 2 calls a day from these asswipes. They show up on caller ID as a breast cancer company. I'm also on the Do not call registry.

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