Area Code 859

Additional information:

Area code: 859
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
18, Jan. 2018

Same thing here. They don't even speak proper English anyone official would not refer to law enforcement as "cops". Don't understand how these people get away with this stuff. How illegal does something have to be before the government takes action?

17, Jan. 2018

has call two times to day and has no way to tell to not call.

17, Jan. 2018

Getting really tired of it, interrupting us, and no one on the other line!

17, Jan. 2018

Keeps calling and texting when I have told him to stop many times

17, Jan. 2018

These calls come to my cell phone from various numbers in various towns in Kentucky. I answered one months ago, which was a scam IRS call. I hung up and blocked that number. Since then I've blocked more than five numbers from Kentucky over several months without answering them. How can we make this stop?

17, Jan. 2018

I have to pay for every incoming and outgoing call.

16, Jan. 2018

Unknown but they call it says Warsaw KY number and they just hang up. Why

16, Jan. 2018

that are on the list, and that I was going to report his call.

13, Jan. 2018

Low life i r s scammerd

12, Jan. 2018

They may also use another name such as biz funding group and a different number which is 4253368419.

12, Jan. 2018

They just hang up when they receive this request.

11, Jan. 2018

This is a red flag that he could have been fishing, and looking for someone to take advantage of.

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