Phone: 859-283-8074

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Florence, Kentucky
Its exchange 283 is managed by CINCINNATI BELL - KY
The number is currently on switch number FLRNKYFLDS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 48% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 25 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Unknown (Kentucky), ball licker"
crayola mom
12, Nov. 2011

called me on a saturday morning twice! wore up my dog which started barking which woke up my kids arrgghhh

12, Nov. 2011

very irritating number.. I did some digging around and it looks like the company is somehow associated with Citibank, but I can't quite figure out how and what connects the 2. Would be good if someone can clarify this for me

12, Nov. 2011

these are just debt collectors contracted on behalf of CITIBANK, they are calling me to try and collect a debt which was accumulated because someone stole my credit card and used it for fraud purchases. I'm not paying them nothing!

21, Nov. 2011

They have called 5 times today. I told them to stop calling.

30, Nov. 2011

I keep getting these calls at all hours of the day. Whenever I answer, there is just silence. Whenever it goes to voicemail, they leave no message. When I call back, I find out this number is for "Citicard". I hit 0 for an operator so I can ask him/her some questions, but the operator speaks Spanish. When I asked for an English speaker, I get dead silence again. This is incredible frustrating and quite a nuisance. I don't even have a Citi account.

26, Dec. 2011

I have received 27 hang-up calls in the last 9 days from this number. The ID is CITICARD, and I have contacted CitiBank. They said it is a real number for them. It's from some place in Kentucky. I don't even have an account with them.

Josh Mann
19, Jan. 2012

They keep calling me and won't stop

5, Feb. 2012

I keep getting calls from this number, but when I answer there is nothing or no one on the line. Just dead silence. I wish they would either stop calling or answer so I can tell them to stop calling. Very annoying to be called all hours of the day and night.

8, Mar. 2012

Repeated daily calls with no response when answered. Can't the telephone number be blocked

1, May. 2012

Calls every day for last 5 Between 9:15am and 6:45pm-5 to 6 times a day.will not talk to you,and if the machine does talk and tell you to hold for next operator it hangs up on you! this is just plain harassment. I have herd this is from the shell gas card

13, May. 2012

Five calls in six hours. How to stop this?

10, Jun. 2012

This phone number started calling on 6/9/12 every 2-3 hours. I answered it twice now and no one there. I won't call the number. I paid off my citi bank credit card and I think they want my business again. But no way, I'm trying to pay off all my credit cards. Very frustrating.

10, Jun. 2012

I've had these stupid harrassing calls, also. I have been on the blower with a very nice lady at Citicard for 30 minutes.IT IS CITIBANK. They recommended I call them tomorrow(Mon) 800-285-3000, and ask for the Collections Dept., who can transfer me to the Kentucky site and have it stopped. She seemed concerned about it. I have no account @ CitiCard or any subdivision/

14, Jun. 2012

THIS IS A PHISHING SCAM LOOKING FOR YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBERS AND PASSWORD. These people claim to be Citicards Collections and leave an 800 number to call back.   When I call that number, no answer.  But when I called back the number from my caller ID, I spoke to a woman who claimed to be with Citicards collections, handling accounts for Home Depot, Macys, Shell, etc.  First thing she asked for was my account number.  I said I had no accounts with any of those stores she then she asked for the phone number that they called me at.  I gave them the number, then immediately they asked for my Citibank account password so that they can view my account.  I REFUSED.  They told me that unless I give them an account number and password, then they can't view my account to help me...that's odd.  If they're the company and are from collections, then they have access to the account.  THEY DIDN'T.  I realized it's a scam. To ensure I don't fall for a phishing scam, I called all my credit card companies to ensure the calls I received were legitimate (I gave them all the phone numbers that showed up on my caller ID).  IT'S NOT.  It's a phishing company looking for your account number and password.  All my accounts are up to date and I wondered why I've been getting harassing calls. I ensured there wasn't any activity other then last transactions I made and then I asked them to transfer me to the Security department.   I changed the password on my account so that the woman I spoke to from the phishing scam doesn't give out unauthorized access to my account.

Totally annoyed
18, Jun. 2012

These people called 17 times. No message. We called them. They were looking for my ex for debt collection. I gave them his info and hopefully they will stop calling me!

21, Jun. 2012

I get calls from this number daily and when I answer, no one is on the line.

1, Jul. 2012

This number has called my home phone 8 times in two days waking me up at home (day sleeper, night worker) and I have no accounts with Citi bank or any outstanding amounts on credit cards. No one is on the line when you answer and they hang up after 20 seconds. I plan on reporting this to the local police, the state atty general and FBI as of Monday.

6, Jul. 2012

This number keeps calling me all day, but no one says nothing!!!!! annoying....

Fed Up!!!
12, Jul. 2012

They call 10 times a day. No answer when you pick up.

15, Jul. 2012

Calls several times per day and when I answer there is nobody on the other end, just silence...and then it hangs up. Very annoying.

15, Aug. 2012

This number calls relentlessly at both my cell phone number AND work number. They do not identify themselves.

29, Aug. 2012

Has been calling my cell phone day and night - even weekends but no voicemails. I answered today and an automated teller told me to hold for an operator, then someone from Citi called my office and hung up on the voicemail as well. Since I just paid off a large chunk of my card, I don't think I am in trouble of collections! QUIT CALLING ME.

10, Dec. 2012

Every time they call me it is a woman who says she is not wearing any clothes. She moans a lot and sounds like she is playing knuckle hockey while she talks on the phone. This is not CitiBank, if it were they wouldn't be so nasty on the phone.

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