Area Code 858

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Area code: 858
State: California
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2017

Have been receiving this call once a day for the past few days. I never answer; there's never a message left.

5, Aug. 2017

If you have AAA Insurance, then answer the phone. Maybe then, he will let someone 've you alone.

4, Aug. 2017

Get these calls constantly & am tired of them! They never leave a message, and I never answer them. They are just frustrating.

3, Aug. 2017

I went through to the account manager. They said they would look up my account, while doing so, the phone number called through again 858 622 2942. Austin club Newport.. Wanting money to upgrade my account. Yes, i have an account with them, but this number comes up as spam and the call rang 3 times in a row before I answered it. I found that very annoying.

1, Aug. 2017

Yes called and was asking to many questions. Kept wanting to know if I was married

1, Aug. 2017

Same SCAM as above, new number 844 501 8009

26, Jul. 2017

Company claims they are able to get you out of your timeshare for a fee. SCAM!!!!

20, Jul. 2017

like everyone else -- idiot calls and hangs up when the answering machine comes on. thank god for answering machines, 3 ring message set up and caller ID. calls all on landline, which is on national do not call list. I never answer -- don't know anyone in Fort Walton Beach... which is where the number allegedly is from 858-496-2107... I didn't lose anything in florida I need to talk to anyone about

20, Jul. 2017

Violating do not call list again. Curses to the people involved in harassing others with unwanted calls. Curses on your lives.

John T
15, Jul. 2017

No voicemail left. I am on the "do not call" list. Glad I didn't pick up.

10, Jul. 2017

I had the same call a few minutes ago, and about a month ago. Blocked the number, they tried a different one.

9, Jul. 2017

Scam...claiming they are thebFBI and you have an arrest warrant for taxes that have not been paid...

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