Area Code 858

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Area code: 858
State: California
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2017

Called me twice this week. The first one was a missed call with no message, the second one I picked up, but no one answered and then they hung up.

16, Oct. 2017

My number is private and un-listed, why do these people keep bothering?

16, Oct. 2017

I have no idea if I have an EBR or not.

16, Oct. 2017

(She said she did not know?) Then she apologized and hung up.

16, Oct. 2017

Called at Monday 11/2/15 7:31 AM about a payday loan.

15, Oct. 2017

We have not applied and have not ever heard of this company.

15, Oct. 2017

They started calling our home at 8:00 this morning. They called 4 times today. We never answer the phone if we do not recognize the number. I called them back and asked what they were trying to sell, they told me they were in the timeshare business. I told them to NEVER call us again, we are not interested. He was trying to tell me something when I hung up on him.

14, Oct. 2017

no option to ask them to stop calling me.

14, Oct. 2017

Sounded like he was calling from India.

13, Oct. 2017

I just moved to the US, I have no student loans and they keep calling me. I rarely pick up random numbers now, straight to voicemail you go and then block.

13, Oct. 2017

Without saying anything, the caller hung up.

12, Oct. 2017

Calls almost daily. Never leaves a message or hangs up.

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