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14, Nov. 2017

They continously ignore our request to get us off their automated call list.

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8, Nov. 2017

I have hit 2 numerous times but I will get a call from a different number at a later date from the same company.

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25, Oct. 2017

I have told them many times not to call anymore,but they obviously ignored my request.

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25, Oct. 2017

Since the last complaint was filed, they simply changed the phone number they are calling from.

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16, Oct. 2017

I have no idea if I have an EBR or not.

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26, Sep. 2017

These calls come in many times a day, every day!

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25, Sep. 2015

This has been going on for years, why can't you or our government stop this?!

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17, Aug. 2012

they always hang up when the answering machine picks up. it comes up on my caller Id unknown name.

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20, Jul. 2012

I have call this number back everytime they have called and requested that they do not call here again through the prompt of the recorded message.