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17, Feb. 2018

I keep telling these people to stop calling me and they call at every morning today it was 750am last week it was 659am.

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3, Jan. 2018

Pick up the phone to ask them not to call an no one on the line.

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2, Dec. 2017

Caller stated they were calling homeowners in Seminole to see if they qualified for some kind of energy audit or something.

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12, Dec. 2016

I have no way of knowing if that is even the real name of the company.

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13, Jul. 2016

if they are already on my dropdown files, that is too many times that they have called.

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23, Apr. 2015

Silence when answered, calls daily after 8pm.

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30, May. 2014

This number will not stop calling after numerous requests.

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29, Jan. 2014

I got 3 calls within 2 minutes of each other. Didn't answer the first two, immediately hung up on the third. They never left a message, don't know anybody in that area.

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22, Dec. 2013

Solar Marketing, They keep calling, I'm on the do not call list and tell them this but they keep calling every week or so. Very rude. They always hang up on me when I start complaining to them.

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21, Aug. 2013

Called me on 8/19/13 at 7:45pm. I didn't pick up and they did not leave a message.

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5, Jan. 2013

They call every day. I have told them to put me on their do not call list, told them to stop calling me...politely and not so politely.

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6, Mar. 2012

Unsolicited calls to my cell...leave me alone