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3, Aug. 2018

There has been no gas service at our address in over four years.

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14, Jul. 2016

why is nobody shutting them down?

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13, May. 2016

They said it would take 10 days or so to correct.

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14, Aug. 2014

Fake Collection law agency looking for Stupid Dumb-Fuck Patsies. Don't be a fool. ignore them.

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16, Apr. 2014

This number was registered on the do not call list.

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9, Feb. 2014

They are saying when they call that we requested that they call us. Only my husband and I live at this address, and neither of us requested them to call us. We don't even know who this company is.

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29, Apr. 2013

They call no one on the other end or no electronic message. This number is constantly calling people and hanging up. They call me I fill out this form.

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27, Mar. 2013

This number calls several times a day.

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7, Feb. 2013

These people have been calling over many many months and have been asked to stop but don't. We reported them to you a few days ago and today we have gotten two more calls where they don't even bother to speak and then we hang up. Is there a way to make them stop calling?