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15, Jun. 2018

Since the first of October, I have been receiving 2-4 calls A DAY.

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11, Jun. 2018

Moved to another phone number.

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8, Jun. 2018

They've called several times in the past 2 weeks. I've asked them to stop but someone else calls back again. It's always a different person.

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20, Dec. 2017

I have tried to block their number through my phone company, but it appears to be a cell number and cannot be blocked through the call rejection service.

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2, Feb. 2017

We let it go to voice-mail.

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10, Aug. 2016

never requested a grant nor do we need one.

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29, Apr. 2016

A recording asked if I am under 50 years old.

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25, Apr. 2013

These text messages cost me money as I do not have text plan. I want reimbursement and shut them down. Thank you.

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19, May. 2012

I've stopped answering them. Home security. MAKE THEM STOP!!!