Area Code 857

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Area code: 857
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2018

Asked for money for police officers' cause - violence against police officers. Fast talker who then sent me to another person looking for one of 3 different payment ranges. Would only take credit card number. Thought it was a scam and asked for them to send info to me. Quickly said we won't ask for your credit card security code. I hung up. Scammers.

21, Jun. 2018

Called my cell 6 times and left 6 voicemails. Do not answer and block this number.

21, Jun. 2018

First time, claimed my number was on an opt-in list.

21, Jun. 2018

Y,229,2263547,they called from a disconnected number

18, Jun. 2018

Fraud. Bogus claim of collection action

18, Jun. 2018

I don’t know if this is a prank call or what but they called me saying they were outside my house and that if I didn’t give them $200 by midnight tonight they would kill me and my mom and I went to the cops and they said that it was a Google voice number so they couldn’t track it and they started telling me what I was wearing and they knew what room I was in every time I went to a new room and they started telling me what was in my freezer and they were correct about it all and the cops just told me to call them If they call me again and They will search the area

18, Jun. 2018

automated call I am on the do not call list.

18, Jun. 2018

also called 12/16/13 228pm, 12/5/13 6:06pm

16, Jun. 2018

Couldn't ask them to stop calling since it was a recorded message.

15, Jun. 2018

This is a phone call from North Dakota which I did not answer.

14, Jun. 2018

Robo caller said name was Dianne

14, Jun. 2018

They also seem to Change where the number is coming from same company though.

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