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16, Mar. 2018

Call was a recorded message to 'lower credit card debt' and did not offer an option to opt-out or not receive calls in the future.

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25, Oct. 2017

Says call from Iowa on caller ID!

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18, Oct. 2017

caller says he is from Microsoft, and it is urgent that he fix my computer right away.

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24, Aug. 2017

Caller keeps calling here.When I answer a lady just keeps saying hello over and over.

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25, Jun. 2017

I think it's ERC calling. I let the voicemail get it, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer.

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25, Jun. 2017

I think it's Affiliated Credit Services calling. I let the voicemail get it, think it's a collection agency. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer.

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9, May. 2017

Rings once & disconnects - happens every night at 7pm. Added to blocked number So!

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4, May. 2017

Did not request this number not to call but have on several other numbers

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8, Apr. 2017

Just got a call from BC Fin they do make it sound like on behalf of breast cancer " I'm so glad you answered the phone I'm so tired of getting answering machines" is how the friendly sounding woman began I politely listened and she was going to mail me envelopes for donations I declined and hung up Glad I did! I had no idea it was a scam Shame on these places using cancer to make money

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3, Feb. 2017

Get A horn and let them have it

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27, Jan. 2017

Was told to press a certain # to be taken off the list and I did but was actually being transferred to a rep, I hung up.

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18, Jan. 2017

It called back the same day at 4:54pm.

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22, Dec. 2016

The call was a recording regarding PSE&G discounts due to deregulation.

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11, May. 2016

Caller selling Viagra to be shipped from India

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30, Mar. 2016

I received a recorded call claiming to be from the US treasury stating "this call is in regard to a federal hearing in a criminal matter, failing to return this call could result in criminal proceedings." I contacted the provided number 857-444-0827. An indian male answered. I could hear the loud back ground of a telemarketing hub. I simply asked him where he was located. He advised Boston Mass. I asked what is the physical address of your business. He had a long pause and you could hear him typing. I asked do you have to look up your address? He got frustrated and hung up. Give these people nothing they are criminals. The real US Treasury would contact you in an offical form. BEWARE!!!

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24, Mar. 2016

They claim to be US Treasury and want money to solve "your case."

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23, Mar. 2016

employee Mark, hung up.

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23, Mar. 2016


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19, Mar. 2016

Let's make an example of this company and fine them $10000.00. Please. They call day and night w/o end. I've asked numerous times to be removed.

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27, Nov. 2015

Claimed they would remove number.

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25, Sep. 2015

This company previously called and was informed by my spouse no to call again.

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23, Jul. 2015

Well, they have been calling all morning today.

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12, May. 2015

When I press key to be taken off being called by them, it doesn't stop the calling.

Stop Google Impostor Scammers
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24, Apr. 2015

Impostors who claim to be from Google (they are not) or claim to be associated with Google (they are not). They either claim your business Google+ profile is not complete, verified, or optimized or that they can raise your search engine rankings through SEO and Adwords/keywords. They spoof numbers from all across the USA to avoid being tracked and in an attempt to make you believe they are from Google (or that they are associated/partnered with Google) to persuade you to purchase their bogus services so they can obtain your financial info. They call all numbers (including cell and Do Not Call list numbers), and they hang up if you ask them to verify their identity, verify the company they are calling from, or ask too many probing questions. They are looking for an easy mark. Various reports online about this scam mention the calls originate from overseas but they spoof numbers across the US to try to make their fraud look like a legitimate US business. When they call you and ask to speak to the business owner, ask them what business they are trying to reach. They cannot answer your question because your number was robodialed, and they don't know who or what business they called.

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2, Dec. 2014

yet another ROBO call blocked

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10, Nov. 2014

Robo caller, did not listen long.

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4, Nov. 2014

Calls and tells that free installation of security system. Ended the call...not sure but i suspect its a scam

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31, Jul. 2014

called 8;03 am and did not leave message had only phone no. for id

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23, May. 2014

man i hate these time wasters. get a life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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25, Mar. 2014

This number called me four times while I was on the phone w/someone else tonight. They've called frequently other times. I don't pick up #s that I don't recognize so have no idea who they are, and after reading other comments I think I'll stick with that!

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10, Mar. 2014

Today's call is the most recent call. I have had many calls from this number in the past, and have asked them to remove me from their list several times, with no success. I now block their calls, but they continue to call from different unblocked numbers, which I then block. They must have lots of numbers available to call from. When can I expect their calls to stop? thank you.

Mike Doyle
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7, Feb. 2014

Calls 6 times a day, no message. call back, no ring, no answer.

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26, Dec. 2013

I keep getting calls from this number, when I call it back it won't ring. This is happening almost every day.

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26, Nov. 2013

Called TWICE today. First time they called, at 10AM, I picked up/hung up w/o answering to stop the call. Then I BLOCKED it with my new Call Blocker device. They called again at 7. Phone rang ONCE and then STOPPED. Caller ID still registers with their number, but they'll never know what happened! Too bad it doesn't ZAP them at the other end with 10,000 volts of electricity, as well.

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19, Nov. 2013

Said was a paid fundraiser. Actually asked to speak to "the man of the house."

anne gain
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19, Nov. 2013

called the number, and voice mail identified as breast cancer financial fund. in order to be removed from the calling list, press 1, and follow directions. takes up to 30 days.

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24, Oct. 2013

I got a call from this number and a weird man answered saying "good bye forever" and began to sing to me. Tried calling back twice, get hold music then a automated "goodbye"

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14, Oct. 2013

Unknown company. No one ever says anything on the phone. This is one of several calls received from the same number.

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13, Sep. 2013

They call constantly, but I never answer. Please make them stop.

Stop Calling in WI
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5, Sep. 2013

This number and other from same area code call weekly to our business. Gets real old - it's a robo call and if you don't answer - it dials back later same day and if you transfer it to voice mail no one ever leaves message. I would like the company info and direct line number to this business so I can call them everyday. We have a business to run and if we wanted someone's service or product WE would call them and order it.

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28, Aug. 2013

this is a phone number we have registered on do not call.

All On The Line
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28, Aug. 2013

Received several calls from this number here at my business.This is an automated call that simply disconnects when we pick up our phone line.

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18, Jul. 2013

A ypung man called to day. We have just moved and have a new number,less than a week old. He said he will call everyday several times a day until I utilize their service. Asked to speak to a supervisor, said he had none. Tele co cannot block this number.

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2, Jul. 2013

Tried to talk to person, but would not connect.

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29, Jun. 2013

This use another number to call me.

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26, Jun. 2013

We MUST stop these calls -- these are annoying calls.

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15, Jun. 2013

"LOCAL CALL" on Caller ID BUT this is NOT a local area code to us. Been getting a SLEW of "857" calls, all with different numbers and all registering as NOT REAL numbers (therefore SPOOFED) on various whistle blower websites. LIKELY PHISHING SCAM. The other SCAM NUMBERS ARE: 857-444-5292 857-574-0621 857-776-3089 857-963-4857 ALL SCAMS.

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30, May. 2013

This person calls every day, seven days a week. He was told that whom they are trying to reach, they can be reached at this number. Help.

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1, May. 2013

this is a phone number we have registered on do not call.

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24, Apr. 2013

This number calls me at least once a day. It is always a recording, so I have no way to ask them to stop calling. When I call the number it sounds like a machine. This is a cell number, so their call is not free to me. Please help me, the number of calls is at the level of harassment.

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15, Apr. 2013

When told this company that I was on the do not call list, they continued to try to interrupt me.

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19, Mar. 2013

Two calls on the same day, from the same number. Both were recorded messages.